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QTP: Peace Domingo!

QTP: For those that don’t know, please tell everyone a little about yourself and what it is that you do, and don’t forget to tell them you’re one of the most brilliant producers to walk the earth.   

DOMINGO: My real name is Domingo… I chose to use my real name when I started producing bc it was unique enough to me.  I been producing for over 26 years now in the music industry and it has been a long blessed road. I came up under Marley Marl and the house of hits…. Marley calls me the graduate to the hit record committee..

QTP: Who are some of the artists you’ve worked with over the years? 

DOMINGO: Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Krs, Ras Kass, Shaquille O neal, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Tony Hell Razah….. My discography speaks for itself 

QTP: How long have you known Razah? How did you guys meet?

DOMINGO: I know of Razah for many years he is one of those underdog emcees a lyrical god on the mic who can put it down when it needs to be done.Someone approached me about doing a song with Razah and I was like hell man lets do an album and I been working at it for a few months now. Its going to be a great album once its finished. To me it was like a jigsaw puzzle that once it is done and the pieces come together it will be a hip hop masterpiece. I been taking my time with it making sure its nothing less then classic.

QTP: I believe that you’ve also worked with another Hell Razah Music, Inc. Artist Scripture as well, is that correct?  

DOMINGO: Yes I know Scrupture for many years and met him thru my friend Dj Niko from Massachussetts…Scripture is one of those people who became a friend outside of the music.

QTP: Can you talk about any projects you’re working on right now with Hell Razah Music, Inc.?

DOMINGO: Right now we are working on Razahs Ark entirely produced by me. 

QTP: What other projects are you working on? What can folks expect over the course of the upcoming year?

DOMINGO: I work closely with Kool G Rap at the moment..and My full concentration is on promoting my website and finishing the Razahs ark album.

QTP: I know that you’ve worked on a lot of music over the years and with a lot of people. To date, what’s your favorite?

DOMINGO:  Well I honestly have alot of favorites the one artist I worked with Big Pun I hold those memories close bc I was blessed to work with one of the illest emcees in the game ever and also scored a platinum plaque on my wall from it.

QTP: Anything else you want people to know?  

DOMINGO: Look out for Razahs Ark….and for the aspiring artist on a limited budget check out for cost effective production music for your mixtape or album…

QTP: How can folks get in contact with you? 

Facebook: Beatsbydomingo or domingobeats


Google: Domingobeats or Domingo Hip Hop producer  and you can find out alot more about me.

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Exclusive Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez GHETTO GOVT member KNA-LO @knalo7

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QTP: Peace fam, Wingz Up!

QTP: For those that don’t know, tell us who you are, what you do:

KNA-LO:  “Kna-Lo Venge” Artist, Producer, Actor, Visionary.

QTP: When did you start rapping?

KNA-LO: 12 years old

QTP: Who were your role models music wise?

KNA-LO:  Biggie, Wu-Tang, Jay-Z, DMX, Prince, Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, Pitbull, FloRida, to name just a few.

QTP: How did you get hooked up with Razah and the GGO movement?

KNA-LO: We’re family!

QTP: What projects are you working on? What can folks expect over the next year?

KNA-LO:  New Single “Blood Pressure” available now on Shows nation wide and album coming next year.

QTP: Is there anyone that you really want to work with that you haven’t yet?

KNA-LO: P!nk, Nas, Prince, Jay-Z, Eminem. Off the top of my head.

QTP: How can folks reach you?

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logo kna-lo

Kna-Lo/Venge defines his music as a testament to all that was and is good in Music. He originates from Queens, New York, the birth place of Hip Hop and hopes to set a standard in the music industry. “Kna-Lo does Hip-Hop as if it were written in his DNA” —

Kna-Lo/Venge is currently working on tracks for Avatar 2 and several reality tv shows, as well as several music licensing projects and commercials. More recently, he has music tracks that can be heard on MTV, Bridezillas, The Millionaire Matchmaker, My Sweet Sixteen and 2009-2010 Hottest MC In The Game. In addition, Kna-Lo/Venge is embarking on a solo project and his goal is to develop his own artists, but he’s not stopping there. Kna-Lo/Venge writes, produces, arranges, performs, develops and, is involved in every aspect of the music industry. Kna-Lo/Venge is his new moniker and he has put together a new image to go along with that addition to his name.

Originally just Kna-Lo, Venge represents his new attitude “to aVenge those without a voice”. With a new single & video “Blood Pressure” co-produced by D/R Period it looks like Kna-Lo/Venge has carved out a lane totally original and all his own.

Kna-Lo/Venge has built a solid background in the music business. He’s met, worked with and produced such artists as Big Pun, AZ, N.o.r.e., SPK, Sean Kingston, Lady GaGa, Ashanti, Akinyele, Jerome Benton, Red Café, Capone, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis M.O.P., Lil Kim, The Jacksons and many more. Kna-lo/Venge has also appeared in music videos with Wu-Tang, Rick Ross, Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, Pink and many others.

Kna-Lo Venge has just finished (4/10/2013) two new songs, 1: for Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis’ licensing co. and a follow up single produced by hit maker SPK (famous for his work with Nina Sky, N.O.R.E. etc.). In 2008, he released a CD on “Bomb Hip Hop”, which he had the role as producer/executive producer, writer and performer.

Kna-Lo/Venge is aware of how audiences musical preferences fluctuate quite often. His new music and image is a bit darker but, more accessible to a wider audience. With his ear to the ground, Kna-Lo/Venge will continue to produce music to entice listeners and increase his current fan base. We’re excited to see where he takes us next!!

“Let me whip it around, so you know just what’s thorough, I can be your hero, you’ve had enough zeros, you’ve got the most natural swag I’ve ever seen attitude is tight and your shape is so mean” Quote from fan released single “Sexy Girl”.

M. Blain

Freelance Music Critic/Author/Screenwriter.