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Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate HELL RAZAH @heavenrazah releases new series of GHETTO GOVT MXTPS.


On Election Day {November 5, 2013} alongside the Million Mask March {you know, the Anonymous Mask March that actually happened in over 150 countries around the globe and had ZERO news coverage?}

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Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate / Sunz of Man youngest member Hell Razah released a new series of his global movement GHETTO GOVT MXTPS. {United Hoods of America volumes 2 & 3 are available for free download via or}  This series GHETTO GOVT USA (Under Seraphim Authority, Volume 1 hosted by Dj Yello) launched a commercial days before the release and to-date has surpassed the Dat Piff download/ stream numbers from the last 2.

Click to watch: 

This MXTP includes industry heavy hitters like Hell Razah, Killah Priest, Timbo King (Wu-Tang Clan), Sadat X (Brand Nubian), and Young Nobel (Outlawz), Hell Razah Music, Inc. artists Kappo (aka Yung Razah/ GGO Chief of Staff), Scripture (GGO Attorney General), Automatik Greatness (GGO Secretary of Defense), Continuous (GGO Area 51), and of course yours truly, QTP (GGO 1st Lady).  This series though, did not have any outside guests. Typically there are 3-4 non-GGO slots available per MXTP for sale, but this last release is an entire GHETTO GOVT project. GGO Members from NY, CT, PA, NJ, AZ, GA, MA, TX, & Canada made up the incredible mix of various styles that are all housed on one MXTP. This MXTP also includes a sneak peek snippet “The Book of Rachel” {QTP ft. Hell Razah} off the long anticipated GGO Album (produced by Dr. G of the UK) which is anticipated for 2014.

“The Book of Rachel” Queen the Prophet ft. Hell Razah

GHETTO GOVT “Agenda 21, NU WU ORDER”  snippet


*Drum Roll* Now…. I want to give you my personal feedback on this last MXTP. This MXTP does not have commercials etc. and yes, true indeed does actually sound more like an album. There is some of everything on this MXTP really though, there’s a couple club bangers, some real hard core gritty tracks, battle rap, and most of all {what I am personally most proud of} is that most of the music on this MXTP is music with a message. There are several tracks with no profanity and fall more along the lines of conscious/ revolutionary/ spiritual hip-hop. When is the last time you heard a project that is not filled beginning to end with music you cringe because your kids are in the backseat? (Well I sorta take that back because not enough people care about what they feed into little ears but that’s a whole other article, back to the music).


This MXTP can be downloaded free via Dat Piff:

 Or you can skim through it on Sound Cloud and download:



I do have a few top picks off this MXTP. Sooooooooooo here are my PERSONAL top 10: (not in any order)

SCRIPTURE – Hell Razah Music, Inc. “The Tribute”

AUTOMATIK GREATNESS- Hell Razah Music, Inc. “Wu-Tang Foever”


PAPA PSALMS ft MAURICE REEKS- GGO Canada “Keep it Jesus”

HELL RAZAH ft. YOUNG NOBEL (Outlawz) “Thug Tear Drops”

KAPPO “Yung Razah”- Hell Razah Music, Inc. “U make me”


CONTINUIOUS- Hell Razah Music, Inc. ft s7 “The Professor” & Hell Razah “Abduction”

GEORGE YUNG (GGO CT) Kennel Club Music ft. Grand Ave Gramz “Homicide Haven”

PSYCHOROCK (GGO TX) Battlegrownd Ent. “Crushin on you”

GHETTO GOVT is Razah’s vision of making an impact on the community through music and outreach. Chapters all over the globe include members from all kinds of professional backgrounds and have already been making moves in their local communities by collecting cell phones for victims of domestic violence, food drives, clothing drives, etc. For more information on getting involved with GHETTO GOVT please email

For more information about MXTP slots please email

Last but not least (and I can do this, frankly because it’s my blog) here are the latest 2 tracks I let go on this MXTP. Yes, both are profanity free and you won’t have to ear muff your kids if they’re listening too.

Queen the Prophet “Ain’t Nobody Worrying” ft. Anthony Hamilton

Queen the Prophet “Takin Over”


Be Blessed-


Exclusive Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez #GGO member @miverson_

QTP: Wingz Up Fam!
Miverson: Wingz Up! Wingz Up!
QTP: Tell us a little about yourself, who you are, what GGO chapter you represent, and what it is that you do.
Miverson: First off I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to have this interview, its a pleasure and honor. Well I go by Miverson and I’m with the Rhode Island Chapter of GGO with my brother Automatik. I am a producer! I’ve been involved with music as far back as the late 90’s. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s my parents would always play their Salsa music in the house and my dad would usually play hiphop in his truck while riding around the city. Till this day he still does that LOL! Everyone always tells me, hey I just seen your dad on Broad st. with his music blasting. Gotta love it lol.. So growing up listening to different types of music I started writing my own. I Believe I was 15 when I started writing in notebooks, funny thing is I just found those notebooks not to long ago cleaning my closet. After a while I was more interested in the beats more then the lyrics. So at this point all my boys were rappers and we were all free styling or writing to industry beats, then their was this game for PlayStation called MTV Music Generator where you can actually make your own beats. It was actually introduced to me by my boy Jesus who is currently a producer as well (DJ IllSounds). We would be in his backhouse playing this game for hours and hours trying to make beats. Then Fruity Loops came out and my best friends Mike (Heat380Pop) and Miguel (Big Mig) told me about this program, once I started messing around with Fruity, I learned about bars, how to count bars, verses, hooks, basically all the basics and the rest is history. I actually started getting bored making beats until another childhood friend
(Culture Freedom) surprised me one day. At this point he had moved to Atlanta, so the only time we kept in touch is through texting. So one day I go downstairs to get my mail and I see this huge box for me, it was labledfrom Culture to me, I opened it up and sure enough it was a MPD beat machine with a bunch of WU cds. I honestly thought it was a joke until I hit him and he told me that he believes in my talent. If it wasn’t for Culture Iprobaly would of never taken making beats serious. So I give a lot of credit to Culture. Good Looks Homie, I still owe you BIG!!!
QTP: How did you get involved with Ghetto Govt?
Miverson: How I got involved was when I started communicating with Razah through phone calls, text, emails etc. I also had produced a track for him called “White Lotus” ft. Jahmal which will be on my mixtape “Witness The Strength”. We were going back and forth about this track and I sent him the final version he told me he loved it, and since then we been building here and there. Of course Automatik also looked out for me and the rest is history.
QTP: How long have you been a member?
Miverson: Since day 1 with Automatik
QTP: Do you have any current projects out and in rotation?
Miverson: Yes! I do have a few mixtapes online which you can find on ( just search Miverson. I have my EP on there titled “Miverson Presents “iNTeLLigence the EP” based on 9 tracks I had produced for the iNTeLL (U-God son) around that time. I also have a mixtape ” Mavproductions Presents:tricks Of The Trade Vol.1″ with BlendsCrafters, another EP with Brooknaum titled “Miverson Presents State 2 State Ft. Brooknaum” and lastly an instrumental mixtape I partnered up with Derock Beatz called Miverson vs. Derock. Of course I have productions on a few other mixtapes like Fes Taylor
“Pay Me in Respect” , iNTeLL’s last 3 or 4 mixtapes\ep’s and a few others.
QTP: What projects are you working on music & other wise for the upcoming year?
Miverson: I’m actually working on a few projects that should be finished by the end of the year if not, then early next year. I have my mixtape titled “Witness The Stength” that I have been working on for almost a year now. I currently have the title track “Witness The Strength” circulating online that iNTeLL blessd me with. DOPE track!! I have some great artists on their Like I mentioned Razah is also on there with the “White Lotus”(REMIX) ft. Jahmal. Razah is also on my intro, and what better way to have mixtape started with a legend on your intro. I am also working on a collab album with my GGO brother Automatik Greatness! Titled “INFOWARZ” which hiphop is in for a treat with this one. We actually have the first track off that mixtape online called “THE END” Go peep it if you haven’t, you will not be dissapointed. Can’t forget the other collabmixtape im working on. This one features to great artist, Fes Taylor and Mic Check. We have a track as well for this mixtape online called “Piano Man” So please if you haven’t yet go check all these tracks out.
QTP: Is there anyone you’re hoping to work with in the near future?
Miverson: WOW! Great question! I was inspired to make beats by RZA so I would definetly say Wu-Tang, especially Masta Killa and of course Nas, and honestly anyone who is willing to make good music.
QTP: How can people get in contact with you?
Miverson: The best way to contact me is through Twitter @Miverson_ or email
QTP: Anything else you want to add?
Miverson: Yes! Again I want to Thank You for your time. Also I want to Thank my big brother Razah for letting me part of this GGO movement. Culture freedom for believing in me since day 1. Automatik, you already know brother we got this, and of course everyone who I have worked with, iNTeLL, Lyrics, S.I.T.H., Dru Gunns, Fes Taylor, Stumik, Ruthless Bastards, Jahmal, Automatik, Mic Check, BakerMan Bagz, Jerika from 907live, Slate Stone, Bullet Brak, and the list goes on. Lastly you can find all my music on these sites, just search Miverson
Peace!! Wingz Up!!