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Wu-Tang Clan/ Sunz of Man Hell Razah presents : Ghetto Government USA (Under Seraphim Authority) volume 3 “Election Day” hosted by DJ Yello. USA Volume 3 was released today, November 5, 2014 alongside the Anonymous Million Mask March. Election Day is the third and final MXTP in the USA series for the Ghetto Govt Officialz and features an incredible line-up of mainstream & underground heavy weights not to mention some of the best production available in hip-hop. 



Executive Produced by yours truly (Queen The Prophet), artwork by the talented Culture Freedom, promo flyers by Ron Degiar, commercial directed by Nick Ruiz, and the limited edition GGO Anonymous Angel sweater designed & available for limited time purchase via 



USA Volume 3 is available for free download via Dat Piff & Audio Mack:



Watch USA Vol 3 Commercial 

Wu-Tang Clan / Sunz of Man HELL RAZAH @heavenrazah “INFERNO” MXTP drops hosted by @dj_fiyaa


In celebration of his 38th Birthday, Wu-Tang Clan / Sunz of Man affiliate  drops “INFERNO” hosted by DJ FIYAA. Upcoming projects? Be on the look out for Hell Razah Music, Inc./ Ghetto Govt’s next MXTP “USA (Under Seraphim Authority) Volume 3 which will drop Election Day (11/5) alongside the Anonymous Million Mask March and the long awaited digital release of Dr. G’s “The Coalition” album (pre order via which features a healthy batch of new Hell Razah music. Raz will be releasing the “El Raziel” album in December 2014.


“Inferno” can be downloaded FREE via Soundcloud, Dat Piff, and Audio Mack.


If you haven’t already, check out and see the new fall Hell Razah Music, Inc. apparel! Make sure you tag us on Instagram @officialghettogovt wearing your gear & we’ll re-post!



#911Anniversary #NEW Hell Razah @heavenrazah pd by @DrGproductionz #Agenda21 #GGOWorldOrder


In remembrance of September 11, 2001

Wu-Tang Clan/ Sunz Of Man Affiliate Hell Razah (Heaven Razah) presents a second single from the upcoming Hell Razah Music, Inc. Album “AGENDA 21, GGO WORLD ORDER”. This entire project is produced by the very gifted Dr. G ( / GGO/ Hell Razah Music, Inc.)


Keep watch for Dr. G’s album “The Coalition” which drops digitally November 5 (you can pre-order hard copies now at along with the next Ghetto Govt Mxtp USA (Under Seraphim Authority) Volume 3 (free download via volumes 1 & 2 available for free download now) and the Anonymous Million Mask March.




SLOTS OPEN FOR THE NEXT HELL RAZAH @heavenrazah #GGO MXTP hosted by @djyello !!


SUBMISSION FOR THE NEXT #GGO MXTP USA (Under Seraphim Authority) Volume 3 is OPEN! Tracks should be submitted to (Include: track name, artist(s), producer, & GGO Chapter information). Non-GGO Slots for this MXTP are $150 (USD).

THIS MXTP WILL DROP 11/5/14 ALONG SIDE THE #Anonymous #MillionMaskMarch (just like we did 11/5/13!) All submissions due no later then 10/10/14. #WingzUp



Volume 2 (1)


#WakeUp A message to the people by @queentheprophet



I have been debating about writing this blog particularly for a few days because let’s be honest, most reasonable people do not wake up in the morning and try to tick people off. So in advance, if you become offended by this post? That’s not the intention. There is a very serious question that God has been nudging me to ask in a general arena (i.e. this blog) for the last few days and pretty much I need to let it out and even if one person wakes up, it’ll be worth the nine million crazy comments I’ll get.


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Have you as an American ever in your life looked at a tragedy or a way of life in another country and thought “I’m glad I live here”, and then carried on about your life?

I’m sure most of us have. I remember being taught in grade school that we were lucky to live in America because of all the freedoms we have here. I remember growing up and always knowing in the back of my mind that there were parts of the world that children were starving. My Grandmother Rose used to always say, “Don’t waste food. There are people in this world who have nothing to eat.” I remember seeing things about China and Russia and how the kids had to behave in school and at the time I really didn’t have the full understanding of what a communist country was. As a teenager, a friend of mine was stationed in Saudi Arabia and I remember him telling me that it was perfectly legal there for a man to throw his wife off of a tower if he thought she was cheating on him. Now as an adult as I would hear and learn more things, it actually started to disturb me. I started really speaking up about causes and injustices within our own system in my early twenties and haven’t stopped yet and don’t plan to. The reason I’m asking you to ask yourself if that has ever happened to you is because I want us to be able to touch down on a point that we can all relate to. No matter what your culture or ethnicity is, we can all agree as American’s we have much more freedoms then the rest of the world.


Have you ever heard the word or term “conditioning”? When someone is “conditioned” to behave a certain way? This is when environmental factors play a direct impact on a person’s whole being. Generally most American’s have absolutely no idea what is really going on in the world. They have not a clue that other countries hate us because all they see is the foolishness the media filters them like all of these ridiculous Face Book challenges, our music, what people post on the internet/ Instagram/ You Tube, and of course whatever tragedy comes on CNN. From the other side? We look like godless animals and that is mostly because that is what they are shown… the same way all you as an American are shown is images of other people and how much they hate us. This my dears is called conditioning. We are conditioned to think things of each other mostly by media. Who owns media? Who’s in charge of that? Six large global corporations who are attached to the banks that run this world through government.


Most Americans are working multiple jobs to survive, they hardly have time for their families because they are working so hard to maintain a roof over their head and keep food on the table and pay off some fictitious debt that is actually a form of control. If you are lent fictitious money (electronic) you then spend the rest of your life paying back fictitious money with real earnings which in turn keeps the world turning at your expense. Then we have folks that can’t find jobs and they resort to other means to feed their families at any cost which nine times out of ten doesn’t end well but instead ruins their life, secures jobs and incomes for prisons, and it’s a double win for the conditioners because it negatively effects that person’s off spring.


I know people have mixed emotions about politics and “conspiracy theories” but honestly if you research what I’m saying you will find it’s all 100P% true and it is available all over the internet. Why don’t more people know about it? The answer is so simple it’s stupid… they don’t read it. Seriously, why would you? You go to work, you have kids, you have more bills then money most of the time, and while you’re on your way to work all you hear on the radio is pretty much music that brainwashes you into believing that money and partying is the thing to do and you are “less than” if you don’t do or have these things, you barely have time for yourself and there is always something to pay for. Did you know that when American unemployment was at the highest, the government played a part in developing games such as Farmville? This game pacified over 85 million people around the world. For the last ten years or so, slowly but surely the pacifying has increased. Most people spend most of the day in their phone. If you don’t have a phone the government will give you a phone. Most people spend at least an hour a day on social media, most of the ones that don’t are watching hours of television. American’s have become lazy, passive, and most of us are overweight. But watch this… increasingly over the years children have learned to stay inside, play inside. They are not exercising, they are not using their imagination and most parents are so over worked and exhausted as long as their kids aren’t in trouble? They could care less as long as they’re quiet. How does this relate? Over the last ten years you have been conditioned to stay inside, small places, and occupy yourself with mindless tasks like video games and Face Book. If you google it, the government has FEMA camps set up everywhere in the US. Martial Law Executive Orders have already been put into play and most Americans are fat, lazy, exhausted, and won’t be any trouble at all if their door is kicked in in the middle of the night. They’ll get used to the camps, after all you’ve been being trained to entertain yourself in a small space for years.


The problem lies in the fact that because actual reality is everyone’s having a hard time surviving so when we hear about things like our brothers and sisters in Detroit living with no water you may care briefly but as long as it’s not you or someone you know? It does not change you or move you… How can it? The bills keep coming, there’s still no money and you have your own family to worry about … right? The part that most people are ignoring is the reality of they are not exempt. Fam.. I seriously urge you to research some of the things I’ve mentioned and draw your own conclusions. These things are not going to happen, they already are. I know that it’s scary because nobody wants to be out of their “comfort zone” but what you fail to realize is that your comfort zone you think you feel is a mirage. It’s time to wake up.



I challenge you not to dump ice on yourself or light yourself on fire, I challenge you to turn off all of your social media, television, and radio for one week. Unplug yourself from the Matrix (It’s a lot harder than it sounds, I did it a few weeks ago). Spend the time researching what’s going on in the world. Research Agenda 21, research Martial Law in the US, Population Control, look up who the government labels as a “domestic terrorist” (I guarantee you more than half of you will find something on that list that means YOU) and research the Anonymous movement. These topics will lead you to more. Spend time with actual people you love. Play with your kids, go for a walk, and above all things? Pray and figure out which side of the revolution you’re going to put yourself because it’s far better to pick a side then not and unfortunately, all of what’s happening in the world is happening even if you choose to ignore it or pacify it.


The bible says “My people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6 NKJV) but the bible also says in 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV) “14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” Do not conform, be restored, then transformed.






Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate HELL RAZAH @heavenrazah releases new series of GHETTO GOVT MXTPS.


On Election Day {November 5, 2013} alongside the Million Mask March {you know, the Anonymous Mask March that actually happened in over 150 countries around the globe and had ZERO news coverage?}

images (4)

Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate / Sunz of Man youngest member Hell Razah released a new series of his global movement GHETTO GOVT MXTPS. {United Hoods of America volumes 2 & 3 are available for free download via or}  This series GHETTO GOVT USA (Under Seraphim Authority, Volume 1 hosted by Dj Yello) launched a commercial days before the release and to-date has surpassed the Dat Piff download/ stream numbers from the last 2.

Click to watch: 

This MXTP includes industry heavy hitters like Hell Razah, Killah Priest, Timbo King (Wu-Tang Clan), Sadat X (Brand Nubian), and Young Nobel (Outlawz), Hell Razah Music, Inc. artists Kappo (aka Yung Razah/ GGO Chief of Staff), Scripture (GGO Attorney General), Automatik Greatness (GGO Secretary of Defense), Continuous (GGO Area 51), and of course yours truly, QTP (GGO 1st Lady).  This series though, did not have any outside guests. Typically there are 3-4 non-GGO slots available per MXTP for sale, but this last release is an entire GHETTO GOVT project. GGO Members from NY, CT, PA, NJ, AZ, GA, MA, TX, & Canada made up the incredible mix of various styles that are all housed on one MXTP. This MXTP also includes a sneak peek snippet “The Book of Rachel” {QTP ft. Hell Razah} off the long anticipated GGO Album (produced by Dr. G of the UK) which is anticipated for 2014.

“The Book of Rachel” Queen the Prophet ft. Hell Razah

GHETTO GOVT “Agenda 21, NU WU ORDER”  snippet


*Drum Roll* Now…. I want to give you my personal feedback on this last MXTP. This MXTP does not have commercials etc. and yes, true indeed does actually sound more like an album. There is some of everything on this MXTP really though, there’s a couple club bangers, some real hard core gritty tracks, battle rap, and most of all {what I am personally most proud of} is that most of the music on this MXTP is music with a message. There are several tracks with no profanity and fall more along the lines of conscious/ revolutionary/ spiritual hip-hop. When is the last time you heard a project that is not filled beginning to end with music you cringe because your kids are in the backseat? (Well I sorta take that back because not enough people care about what they feed into little ears but that’s a whole other article, back to the music).


This MXTP can be downloaded free via Dat Piff:

 Or you can skim through it on Sound Cloud and download:



I do have a few top picks off this MXTP. Sooooooooooo here are my PERSONAL top 10: (not in any order)

SCRIPTURE – Hell Razah Music, Inc. “The Tribute”

AUTOMATIK GREATNESS- Hell Razah Music, Inc. “Wu-Tang Foever”


PAPA PSALMS ft MAURICE REEKS- GGO Canada “Keep it Jesus”

HELL RAZAH ft. YOUNG NOBEL (Outlawz) “Thug Tear Drops”

KAPPO “Yung Razah”- Hell Razah Music, Inc. “U make me”


CONTINUIOUS- Hell Razah Music, Inc. ft s7 “The Professor” & Hell Razah “Abduction”

GEORGE YUNG (GGO CT) Kennel Club Music ft. Grand Ave Gramz “Homicide Haven”

PSYCHOROCK (GGO TX) Battlegrownd Ent. “Crushin on you”

GHETTO GOVT is Razah’s vision of making an impact on the community through music and outreach. Chapters all over the globe include members from all kinds of professional backgrounds and have already been making moves in their local communities by collecting cell phones for victims of domestic violence, food drives, clothing drives, etc. For more information on getting involved with GHETTO GOVT please email

For more information about MXTP slots please email

Last but not least (and I can do this, frankly because it’s my blog) here are the latest 2 tracks I let go on this MXTP. Yes, both are profanity free and you won’t have to ear muff your kids if they’re listening too.

Queen the Prophet “Ain’t Nobody Worrying” ft. Anthony Hamilton

Queen the Prophet “Takin Over”


Be Blessed-



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Greetings Fam!

I warned you a few months back that I was going to dedicate some time to exposing folks that do bad business. Life is hard enough for most of us without having the added stress from places where WE are the consumer. Corporations forget this the most. When I stumbled on this MSN article this morning, I could’t resist but to post it. I laughed as I read it because from my own experiences with these places, I have experienced similar.

The thing is though, we the people have a voice that we do not use to it’s best ability. These companies wouldn’t have money or power without a consumer base. If you have had similar experiences, TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. It communicates a message. #OPERATIONREVOLUTION (Source: MSN)


No. 10: American Express

‘Poor’ rating: 14%

Author and media analyst Jeff Jarvis has written an intriguing blog post titled “An AmEx member no more.” It could just as easily be called “A quick guide to giving a good customer the boot.”

Jarvis wanted to stay with American Express (AXP). But first he wanted the company to want him.

“Retain me,” he kindly offers an agent, after his card is cancelled due to fraudulent charges. Instead, Jarvis meets with inaction (agents bizarrely unable to send him a replacement card) and attempts to sell him a more expensive card.

“That’s that. A 35-year customer relationship with untold thousands of dollars of business gone. And no one in Amex could care,” Jarvis writes. A dozen or more other paying customers share similar stories in response.

American Express has long held a reputation for top-flight service to its high-end clientele. And many customers still do feel the love. Last year, American Express landed in our Hall of Fame, which honors companies with the highest percentage of votes for “excellent” service. It nearly did so again this year. It’s now the only company that has graced both ends of our customer-service rankings.

But chunks of good feeling appear to be dropping off. In recent years, American Express has increased its promotion of traditional revolving-credit cards, such as Blue Sky, along with its traditional pay-as-you-go card. And credit card providers often don’t rank well in our survey.

In a settlement with the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau last year, American Express agreed to reimburse cardholders $85 million on allegations that it misled applicants about card benefits and engaged in age discrimination. American Express agreed to pay $27.5 million in fines.

Spokesman Tom Sclafani said American Express values customer-service surveys. “We see this as an opportunity to get feedback, and to use feedback to improve our  products and services,” he said.

American Express had net income of $4.5 billion in 2012. CEO Kenneth Chenault was the highest-paid of the chief executives in our customer-service Hall of Shame, taking a $28 million compensation package last year.


No. 9: Time Warner Cable

‘Poor’ rating: 14.3%

Pity the company that takes on New York City, teeming as it is with comedians looking for their next target.

Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, of the comedy duo the Good Liars, found theirs in Time Warner Cable(TWC), the only cable provider in parts of the boroughs and beyond.

In a three-minute video parody available online, the pair conduct sidewalk interviews in which they introduce themselves as representatives of Time Warner Cable customer service and ask, “What can we do worse?”

“Worse?” people say, stumped.

At one point, the comedians interrupt to ask, “Do you mind holding for one second?”

But let’s say Time Warner Cable could scrub the Web clean of satire. Real customer stories on consumer complaint sites are often just as funny.

Take this customer screed at MyThreeCents, which details a monthlong attempt to get TWC to lay a cable and trigger service, a job that ultimately took just a few hours.

After three and a half weeks, two no-shows and nine phone calls, the company called to cancel a Monday appointment that it made, explaining, “Well, we DO do installations on Mondays, but we really don’t.”

The nation’s second-largest cable provider, TWC provides some combination of television, Internet and cable to 15 million homes.

The company declined an interview, writing in a statement that “we continually listen.” It cited “faster Internet speeds, free WiFi, one-hour appointment windows” and apps that together are “bringing more value and convenience to our customers and responding to their wants and needs.”

TWC posted net income last year of $2.2 billion, a 29% one-year boost and a 65% increase over 2010. CEO Glenn Britt received compensation of $17.2 million last year.

843BC581C3E57A97CD7D216DA6C7A5_h218_w423_m6_ofalse_lfalse_bwhite (1)

No. 8: DirecTV

‘Poor’ rating: 14.4%

Why is it that rectifying a complaint about poor service often requires calling on a higher power — in this case, a newspaper reporter?

That’s what 89-year-old Thomas Nolan of Ocean Township, N.J., did when DirecTV wanted to charge him an early termination fee for a service that didn’t function appropriately from the outset.

Only after DirecTV (DTV) installed the satellite equipment did the New Jersey man learn that he couldn’t use his VCR. The technician hadn’t even had the courtesy to Nolan that he’d unplugged it.

Unable to get the company to resolve the issue — and told he’d now need a new HDTV to use the VCR — Nolan cancelled. He was more interested, he said, in family videos than in football. The company wouldn’t pick up its equipment, but it did charge $343.33 to his credit card.

When Nolan protested the cancellation fee, he received a form letter. When a reporter from the (New Jersey) Star-Ledger asked DirecTV about it, the company responded the same day, saying it would waive his fee “as a one-time courtesy.”

DirecTV’s early-termination fees have landed the company in hot water before. In 2010, DirecTV agreed to reimburse customers and pay $14 million in fines. It said it would clarify its contracts and waive termination fees when a customer’s service problems could not be resolved.

The company settled for $5 million on similar charges in 2005, and it continues to fight a class-action suit claiming unfair cancellation charges.

DirecTV declined an interview, but did send a statement pointing to its high score in the American Customer Satisfaction Index and writing: “While we do our best to provide everyone with excellent service, we recognize there’s room for improvement.”

DirecTV has 20 million subscribers and net $2.95 billion in income last year on $29.7 billion in revenue. CEO Michael White took home a $17.9 million compensation package.

E4CFD19D1936455A4DF99D9FBFAEDA_h218_w423_m6_ofalse_lfalse_bwhite (1)

No. 7: Discover Financial Services

‘Poor’ rating: 14.4%

This story recounted by “Jacqui” at is typical of reports there.

“My husband lost his job three years ago and we wound up building up some debt, but we always paid our bills on time,” she writes.

The couple never missed a payment, However, the poster writes, Discover pulled a credit report on its own and, upon seeing their increased debt load, doubled the card’s interest rate, from 9.99% to 19.99%.

Six months later, the poster writes, the company was still refusing to restore the lower interest rate. Three other credit card companies — JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Citibank (C) and Bank of America (BAC) — had lowered her interest rate “with a simple phone call,” she said. “Why is Discover being so difficult?”

Discover Financial Services (DFS) declined an interview about our list. In a written statement, it cited high marks from JD Power and Associates and other surveys, adding: “Discover has a long history of putting our customers first, and we remain committed to exceeding their expectations.”

This is the credit-card company’s first appearance in our Customer Service Hall of Shame.

In a settlement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. last year, Discover agreed to pay a $14 million fine and refund $200 million to more than 3.5 million consumers to settle accusations that it misled cardholders into believing that add-on products it peddled — payment protection, credit score tracking, identity theft protection and wallet protection — were free, when, in fact, customers were charged.

In 2012, Discover Financial posted revenue of $3.1 billion. Of that, $2.3 billion was net income. Chairman and CEO David Nelms received a pay package valued at $9.92 million.


No. 6: AT&T

‘Poor’ rating: 14.7%

Over at Consumer Reports, AT&T Wireless (T) routinely skids into last place among major U.S. cellphone providers. It has taken the dubious honor for the past three years, particularly for its voice and data quality.

Maybe the guy in the AT&T advertisements should reconsider the question he keeps posing to the little children and instead ask: “Is bigger really better?”AT&T now has 107 million wireless customers and is on target to add 5 million from Leap’s Cricket in a planned acquisition of Leap Wireless International (LEAP) this summer. By revenue, AT&T is now the third-largest mobile company in the world.

Trouble is, customers seem to have a tough time getting through. “They give solutions and then say call back in 24 hrs if the problem persists, so you have to call multiple times to get a human being to answer and then you literally wait hrs to get to anyone that can attempt to help,” wrote MSN Money reader “nimblevagrant.”

That was one of nearly two dozen posts to our 2012 Customer Service Hall of Shame expressing disbelief, outrage even, that AT&T hadn’t received lower scores in our survey. (It missed the 2012 Hall of Shame by two positions.) Billing mistakes, poor quality and the inability to reach support help topped the frustrations.

“How much did AT&T pay you to be left out of this list?” wrote one commenter. (We hope he was joking, but for the record, it didn’t.)

So, readers: Given your prescience last year, do tell us which companies you think should have made the list this year, or will in our next survey. Comment below.

AT&T declined an interview. In a written statement, it cited its fourth win in the Brand Keys Annual Customer Loyalty Index and the speed of its 4G LGE network. “But, of course, we welcome all feedback as we continually work to improve the customer experience,” the company said.

The company, which also runs telephone and Internet service, posted $127 billion revenue last year, with net income of $7.3 billion. Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson took home a $21.1 million compensation package in 2012.


No. 5: Wells Fargo

‘Poor’ rating: 16.8% and 15.7% (bank)

The well-regarded bank analyst Richard Bove did something unusual last year.

First, he became increasingly irritated by the lackluster service he was receiving at his bank, Wells Fargo(WFC).

No one would greet him. He was told to wait, then watched the person he was waiting for leave the building. He couldn’t get branch workers to help with a six-figure deposit. Call our phone agents, they said. Go to the branch, phone agents said. No one suggested investment alternatives. The bank stuck the big check in a no-interest checking account. Bove also found unexplained fees and had a mortgage application bungled.

But that’s not the unusual part. Big banks, increasingly focused on wealth management services, have been giving retail customers the cold shoulder for years.

What was strange, and enlightening, is that when Bove publicly slammed Wells Fargo’s customer service, he simultaneously recommended its stock, calling it the best-run bank in the country.

“The conclusion I reached is that service is less important than selling,” he wrote (.pdf file). “Customer service is not a key factor in building a successful bank. In fact, it may be a detriment to success, not a source of it.”

This is Wells Fargo’s third appearance in our Hall of Shame, and, like the two other big banks on the list this year, it qualified based on both its credit card (16.8% “poor”) and its banking (15.7% “poor”) services. We only give each company one spot in our list of 10.

Wells Fargo declined an interview. In a written response, it said it has added bankers and that its credit card closure rate was “low,” although the company would not elaborate.

“We know there is room for improvement and consistently strive for ways to enhance the customer experience,” it wrote.

Bove, for one, isn’t waiting around. He moved his accounts to another bank, JP Morgan Chase (JPM).

Wells Fargo generated $86 billion in revenue last year, up from $80.9 billion in 2011. CEO John Stumpf took home a $19.3 million compensation package.


No. 4: Citigroup/Citibank

‘Poor’ rating: 18.2% and 15.4%

It seems Citigroup (C) is trying. The company volunteered last year to adopt the simplified checking-account overview recommended by The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Its customer-satisfaction rates are rising at a faster rate than those of other big banks, according to outside surveys. And its raw scores have improved in the MSN Money-JZ Analytics poll since two years ago, when 31% called its customer service “poor.” (Other companies have seen their raw scores drop, too.)

But the banking giant — parent Citigroup is the world’s largest financial services network; Citibank its banking arm — lands in our Hall of Shame for the fifth year. In fact, while we allow each company just one spot, it had two of the worst scores: 18.2% rated its customer service “poor” as a credit-card company, while 15.4% said the same of its banking services.

Citibank is slipping on big issues, like failing to communicate properly with mortgage holders, despite rules it agreed to in a $25 billion settlement it and other large banks made with federal authorities.

And it’s faltering on issues that, although seemingly small by comparison, do rile customers, like charging fees at Citibank branches overseas, taxing the value of airline miles and letting its website go on the blink.

Citibank declined an interview. In a written statement, it pointed to improvements in its social media engagement, its user-friendly mobile and Web platforms and its simplified guide to products.

“While there is more work to be done, efforts to date have yielded significant results,” it said.

Citibank posted revenue of $70.2 billion in 2012 and net income of $7.54 billion, a slide from its $11 billion profit the year before. Last year, Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat took home $12.4 million in compensation.


No. 3: Dish Network

‘Poor’ rating: 19%

The Georgia woman considered switching to Dish Network (DISH) for her television service.

But it took just one phone call with one sales representative to turn her from an almost-customer into an anti-customer. She raised her voice on the Internet:

“I would never now consider going with this company because of how I was treated,” wrote “Barbara” at At, 85% of 2,531 reviewers gave the company one out of a possible five stars, citing vague sales contracts, hefty termination fees and other issues.

What did the agent do? He was rude. “Vinney . . . began to get upset when I explained that my husband and I would have to talk.”

High-pressure sales tactics like these have been landing Dish in the doghouse for years.

The Federal Trade Commission has launched at least two lawsuits against Dish, for calling people who asked to be removed from their telemarking lists and for violating the national do-not-call registry.

Dish is making its third appearance in our own customer-service Hall of Shame.

Dish declined an interview, but it sent a written statement saying that the company strives for excellence and hopes Dish customers see the results of its investment. “Despite our progress, we understand that there is more to accomplish,” it said.

At least the executives aren’t pocketing dollars by multiples of millions. Chairman Charlie Ergen received $1.3 million last year and CEO Joseph P. Clayton took home $907,000.

The company took in revenues of $14.26 billion in 2012, netting a profit of $637 million.


No. 2: Comcast

‘Poor’ rating: 21.2%

Four years ago, 41% of folks in our survey called Comcast’s (CMCSA) customer service “poor.” So by that measure, the cable giant has effectively halved its seriously dissatisfied customers.

That jibes with Comcast’s claims that it’s getting better. The company points to a 97% plus on-time appointment rate now and a 20% drop in repeat technician calls since 2010.

“There’s absolutely a focus to make sure we have that great customer experience,” said Tom Karinshak, the senior vice president for customer experience.

Indeed, 54.6% of this year’s respondents gave Comcast positive scores (21.8% “excellent” and 32.8% “good”). But that’s still nowhere near the 75% to 90% positive ratings our Hall of Fame companies received.

Nor is it hard to find individual stories that make you wonder how a company with 21st century communications at its fingertips can make such blunders.

Take this recent customer review online by someone exasperated after Comcast stood him up on three consecutive appointments without so much as a call. “Wow, after nine years of being a customer – – really?” he wrote.

Or the customers, like this one, who say they’ve been charged an early termination fee for canceling a service that never worked.

The problem is that people don’t soon forget.

The largest cable operator in the country, Comcast provides some combination of television, Internet and telephone service to 21.9 million homes and businesses. That’s just shy of 1 million fewer customers than it had three years ago, as Americans increasingly cut the cable TV cord in favor of cheaper alternatives.

Revenue, meanwhile, rose to $62.57 billion in 2012, a 75% increase from its 2009 gross. Net income over the same period rose 70%, to $6.2 billion last year. CEO Brian Roberts, however, has taken a pay cut. His compensation package dropped from $31 million in 2010 to $25.1 million last year, making him the second-highest paid CEO in our Hall of Shame.


No. 1: Bank of America

‘Poor’ rating: 23.4% (bank) and 21% (credit cards)

Brian Moynihan, appointed to the helm of Bank of America (BAC) in 2010, has been praised for restoring the bank’s stability and running up its stock price. The question is whether, while righting the ship, has has turned a blind eye to the customers sliding off the deck.

The country’s second-largest financial institution, with $2.18 trillion in deposits, made the 2013 MSN Money Customer Service Hall of Shame with high percentages of “poor” ratings for both its banking (23.4%) and credit card (21%’) services, topping our inglorious ranking for the third year in a row.

It’s yet another reminder of how much easier it is to shore up capital than it is to shine a tarnished reputation. Replays of bad times don’t help.

Just this spring, former employees testified in a class-action lawsuit that Bank of America systematically delayed and denied mortgage modifications to collect additional payments and fees from struggling homeowners.

Then, just days later, came the California chalk fiasco — and suggestions that Moynihan may need to bring aboard a new public-relations crew.

Last year, activist Jeff Olson had scrawled anti-big-bank messages in chalk on the sidewalk outside several Bank of America branches. While the chalk had long since washed away, a bank official kept up the pressure on San Diego city prosecutors, who put the man on criminal trial this summer.

A jury quickly acquitted Olson of vandalism charges. Bank of America hasn’t fared so well in the court of public opinion.

As to our customer-service survey, Bank of America declined an interview, but it did send this written statement, in full:

“We take all feedback from our customers very seriously. A better, more consistent experience is central to our efforts, but we know we have more work to do. We are committed to getting it right.”

Bank of America posted net income of $4.2 billion in 2012, compared to $1.4 billion in 2011. Moynihan took home a $12 million compensation package last year.

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