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Happy New Year

It’s not about the whole “new year, new me” that everyone pokes fun at. It’s about realizing, FOR REAL that if you keep doing the same old thing you’re going to get the same old results. Some of us have been so broken most of our lives that we lack the ability to set boundaries in our life. If we could all only see ourselves the way God sees us, there’s no way we would allow half the nonsense that distracts us and wastes precious moments of life that we will NEVER get back. No matter how much money you do or don’t have you can’t buy more time. Some people it is far better to love at a distance and every situation or opportunity that rolls across your path isn’t for you and just because you have prayed for something or desire something doesn’t mean it’s God when it shows up. Be wise, stop letting the same old things and the same old situations rob you of your destiny. I wish you all a blessed New Year, be safe.