It all started with the misunderstood Wu-Album – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin…Cilvaringz is now the fans’ public enemy #1. Method Man initially got wires crossed about the 88 year concept, then with an NY Fitted, driving glasses, office shirt and a cardigan, Meth blazed the airwaves earlier this year. The attire doesn’t seem to match, but charismatic Meth made it look cool. Not only does he put Cilvaringz on blast, but he calls out fake Wu-Affiliates…

Listen from 16:00…

“Killarmy, because they have blood brothers in there…you know, like 9th Prince – that’s RZA’s blood brother right there, and Killa Sin – that’s Power’s blood brother right there you know…direct ties plus we watched them grow up…

…Sunz of Man, those brothers are on Dirty’s side, because Dirty grew up with 60 Sec (60 Second Assassin) Prodigal Son been around since day 1 when we was recording the…

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