Ask #iPhone #Siri What is January 13, 2014? #BirthOfTheProphet

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I’m sure you’ve heard (and if not it’s all over You Tube). Ask  the iPhone (updated with IOS7) “What is January 13, 2014?” some phones will respond “the birth of the Prophet”.

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Hell Razah Music, Inc. presents Ghetto Govt 1st Lady Queen the Prophet (GGO CT) “Standing Ovation” produced by Miverson (GGO RI).

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If you’ve been keeping up with the blog you know that since the iPhone (IOS7 Update) names “the birth of the Prophet” when asked “what is January 13, 2013″ (which of course why I’m releasing “Standing Ovation” on that day) and Siri also says that “the gates of Hades (which is another word for hell if you don’t know) will open when asked “what is July 27, 2014″ (which of course is why GGO/ BKZU Sneak Vandel is releasing his “Seraphim at the Gates” project on that day and but of course I shall make an appearance)

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Siri also references another date that we know of. If you ask Siri “what is September 3, 2014″ the response is “closing the gates of Hades”, sooooooooooooo what better way to slam the door shut then with yours truly? I will be formally releasing my solo debut project “Rise of the Phoenix” on September 3, 2014.

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