Producer @shroom020 asks 4 #Support #WuTangClan #Shyheim album


Album by Wu Tang affiliate rapper Shyheim The Manchild and producer Shroom (Fulton Yard Unlimited)..
All money made with this album is going to Felipe Avila’s family and to Shyheim for his legal defense. Shyheim needs your help!! Minimum for this album is $7,- but give more if you want to support Shyheim and Felipe Avila’s family.

Word from the producer:
Shyheim been a good friend of mine over the years and i’m so sorry about what happened. It’s just a tragedy.. A terrible accident. There is nothing we can do to bring Felipe Avila back and i wish this never happened.. My condolences go out to his family and beloved ones.. I’m on the other side of the world and i still want to help out my friend Shyheim and the family of Felipe Avila. That’s why i dropped this album Shyheim and me recorded when he visited me in Amsterdam a while ago.. I will send all the money made with this album to Felipe Avila’s family and to Shyheim.. 
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