EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez “El Raziel” Album producer @lexzyne




QTP: Wingz Up!

LZ: Salute, Wingz Up

QTP: For those that don’t know, tell us where you’re from, who you are and what it is that you do.

LZ:  Lex Luthor – Alabama, New York, Texas, and California   Dzyne – Indiana.  Most people dont know that LexZyne Productions consists of 2 brothers.  Lex Luthor & Dzyne.   Thas where the origin of the name comes from.   We both have “regular” jobs to help support our beat making and artist development habits.  We’ve been known to make a dope beat or few.

QTP: How did you first meet Razah  and get involved with Ghetto Govt?

LZ:  It was a blessing.  Im not sure how we got his contact information (it was probably from some form of social media), but we had been sending him beats for a while.  Im not sure what beat he heard or how he was feeling one day but he hit us and said something like, “Lets do a project together”.  I cant even lie, initially we thought we would never be able to pull it off.   My brother and i talked it over and finally said we’re going to do it and make sure its fly.

QTP: How did your own career begin?

LZ:  We both started as fans of the music and livers of the culture.  One night we we’re talking about music and discussing chopping up samples and somehow the conversation led to “If we were going to REALLY do this, what would we call ourselves?” and we’ve been sampling, writing, networking, and trying to reach new ears every since.  We don’t really have some phenomenal story with a colorful back drop.  It was just that.   We decided we wanted to make beats after someone told us a beat we did was dope… and we kept grinding.

QTP: What projects are you working on with Raz right now?

LZ:  El Raziel – God Is My Pleasure  .  we’re hoping that in this family thing we have going that it wont be the last.  When situations are right we’re hoping that we can continue to get a track here and there on each of his upcoming projects.  *Razah… did you catch that?  i hope you did. lol*  #WingzUp

Section 8 – HellRazah ft. Sadat X  https://soundcloud.com/lexzyne/section-8-hell-razah-ft-sadat

QTP: Who else have you worked with or are working with?

LZ:  This is a question that always gets us in trouble because people get left out… BUT.. right now our roster is:  Razah, HeadKrack, BodegaBrovas, The Centop, Quanstar, LifeUnda, Radamez, DoItAll, Mr Funke, CeeKnowledge, DawnGun, The Co-Op, David The Rapture, MoneyStax, ViciousCycle, The Wiz Kidz, Pinc Gator, Kahali Oden, Silence DemAll, C-Rayz Walz, 950Plus, The SIStem, Butta Verses, and theres a FEW more that i can’t think of right now.  We work with people that have a love for the music and a decent work ethic.

QTP: What projects are you currently working on both music and otherwise?

LZ:  Right now, this GGO project with Razah is the main focus.  We still sometimes step away and make an unrelated beat for somebody but we want to make sure that this project meets and exceeds what people may think their expectations are.  Our names (LexZyne, Razah, GGO, and everybody we work with) are on the line.  We want to make sure we can deliver the best project possible while maintaining his core sound as well as ours and blending them together to make it sound like you want break your neck, cry, chill, drink, smoke, or whatever it is you might do while you’re enjoying music.


QTP: Is there anyone that you haven’t worked with already that you’re hoping to?

LZ: All culture driven emcees.  We are always trying to reach out to people and work with new people to expand our network and increase our value in music.  the more we grow and the better we get, the more value we add to the people we work with as well.  we’re big on the family setting.  we try to bring people with us that bring us with them.

QTP: How can folks get in contact with you?

LZ:  Google!!! lol..  We’re no longer hard to find.  Some years ago i think we had one line on web searches but now its a different story.

Contact Info  LexZyne at gmail dot com / http://www.LexZyne.com /  317.758.7887 /  http://facebook.com/LexZyne / http://soundcloud.com/LexZyne  / Twitter: LexZyne and BeDzyne

QTP: Anything else you want people to know?

LZ:  First of all, Queen, Thank you!  Then,  we’re snobby when it comes to music, especially when we’re involved in making it.  We feel that if you REALLY want to make music thats GOOD music then make sure the quality is good music quality.  Nothing is more depressing to us than when someone makes a DOPE song, but its not mixed and they release it.  It takes away everything from the song to me.  i say that to all the people that grind hard to make their music happen and often have to cut corners.  Either thats not a corner you should cut or make sure that when you cut that corner that the new, young engineer that you use knows how to make your music sound like something someone will want to listen to…  #WingzUp







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