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How will full body tattoo’s look when you’re old? by @queentheprophet

Just food for thought Fam….

Surprisingly I couldn’t find too many images of elderly people covered in tattoos.  Then I realized that really, it’s our generation that covering your entire body in tat’s is popular and we’re not senior age yet. I’m a fan of tattoo’s, I’m an artist and I think personally they’re beautiful. However, I did learn the hard way that placement of the tat is very important. I got one on my arm at 18 and by the time I was 24 I hated it and wished I never put it there. I always recommend putting them in a place that you can cover if you have to or in case you don’t like it later. It’s very trendy to get multiple tats and nobody really thinks about what that’s going to look like by the time you’re 70. So just for fun, I decided to pull up some pictures. I know that for me, I have decided to make sure any future tattoos will be in a place I will not want to cry when my skin’s elasticity decreases LOL.

Be Blessed –



Old Women with traditional tattoos on her body Bontoc Mountain Province Rice Terraces Philippines images (2) images (4) neck-tattoo old-man-tattoo-02 tattoo-lady tumblr_lw75arsvmN1qi88mvo1_500 tumblr_m9by0okrwF1r67vczo1_500

Meet the 1st Black Deaf Film Maker @zhanerain @jade_films

Greetings Fam!

As you know, outside of hip-hop I am very active in community & social services, especially the disability community. I would like to introduce you to Jade Bryan who is the first Black Film Maker with a hearing impairment.




Jade Bryan – The First Deaf Black Filmmaker

Ann Marie Bryan is the writer-producer-director of the upcoming film, The Shattered Mind, which is currently in postproduction. She’s currently raising finishing funds for her film so she can submit to 2014 Sundance Film Festival. Here is a link to the film’s IndieGoGo page:

Support The Shattered Mind on IndieGoGo.

The Shattered Mind, based in New York, is a psychodrama and surreal story about a hard-of-hearing teenager who juggles family, peer and culture conflicts while in search of her own sexual identity, freedom, and self-realization. Zhane Rain is an intense and carefree high school senior with three generations of hearing and Deaf family members who unravels family secrets behind the traumatic brain injury that caused her deafness.

Like the character in my film, Zhane Rain, I also endured a traumatic brain injury as a child. As a result of that injury, I also lost my hearing, so I know what it’s like dealing with family secrets, or not having to know the cause of my hearing loss until very recently. While growing up, I felt like I was living my life with a big “?” over my head every time someone would ask me how I became deaf. I’d tell them that I had no idea. The film, which I wrote and plan to direct, is fictional, but I used some of my own real-life experiences while writing the script.

I’m passionate about making a film about the black deaf experience because no one is telling our stories. My work is not limited to making movies about the black deaf experience; however, I feel the timing is just right and I am raising $14,500 in finishing funds to complete the short film.

Different cultures

To better understand where I come from, one needs to understand that I live my life in three different cultural worlds. My personal world is a trinity of these worlds: Deaf, Jamaican-born but living now in America, and hearing. I utilize American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate, and the barrier of sound is a life-long challenge for me. This further exacerbates my life-long challenge of living in a world of sound. Therefore, I have three strikes against me as every day I fearlessly face societal, linguistic and cross-cultural barriers.

I was brought up in a mainstream society, one that had a tremendous influence on my life as a person with a hearing loss. As a filmmaker, I want to produce films about this experience. I want to tell and expose stories to audiences who will pay to see my films. I want to make films for television and the silver screen about issues from a non-traditional point of view commonly shared by Deaf people.

Through my films, I address a variety of paradoxical issues such as race, family conflicts, biracial and/or bicultural dynamics, socially conscious issues such as the inconsistently-heated debate over cochlear implants, same-sex relationships, domestic violence, rape, police brutality and mistreatment against Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, AIDS in the Deaf community, and interpersonal relationships between Deaf and hearing people who face cross-cultural and communication barriers.

Everyday, we deal with oppression, ignorance and bigotry. I tell these stories in a passionate manner with a strong urge to spread messages of love, awareness, diverse communication, education, uplifting, and peace-sharing that has been neglected by today’s ignorant and troubled world. These messages need more potency to be heard everywhere. As an artist who is deeply in touch with emotions, I respond well to human connection and the human condition; I want to tap into these emotions by making films that expose the human side of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people from all backgrounds, especially people of color.

Instead of turning to others for support, I established a film production company in 2006 to produce my own work as an avenue to address these three worlds, and other human experiences as well, in today’s society. Today, I am a respected and well-versed leader and filmmaker in my own right who serves as a model to others.

Born Producer

One of my biggest challenges as a filmmaker is getting people to support my work and believe in what I set out to do. I am not a quitter. I was born to produce film. I continue to have two main challenges: The inability to hear sound when I am working on my films, and getting financing for those films.

Jade Films and Entertainment, LLC


Arts  •  Film  •  Fashion  •  Technology  •  Talent Recruitment  •  Music Video  •  Design  • Motivational Speaker

Jade Films and Entertainment, LLC  |  PO Box 1276  |  Cathedral Station  |  New York  |  NY  |  10025


FEATURE ARTIST : Wu-Tang Clan Killer Bee Affiliate (American Cream Team) @rhymerecka



Artist/Producer/Actor/Graphic Designer/Writer/Digital Film Maker


Known by the Infamous RHYMERECKA of the classic Tony Touch Tape 50: 50 Emcees Mixtape Freestyle banger with Cappadonna. Lyrical Pioneer and original Nexx Level click member that helped change how Emcees rhymed with the “broken Language style” along with Smoothe Da Hustler and Trigga tha Gambler. Featured on the underground classic “Hustler’s Theme Remix”, “Hitman for Hire pt. 2”, “Blowin up spots”. Walking into studios stoned without no pens and notebooks, The prototype, the first and youngest Rapper known for recording songs without writing over a decade before it became a technique for other legendary rappers such as the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z. Hailing from Staten Island, Killah Hill 10304 New York. Official Wu-Tang affiliate guest starred on Cappadonna’s debut album the Pillage’s “Everything is Everything”. Also member of Raekwon the Chef’s flagship rap group, American Cream Team. The leading Lyricist featured on Raekwon’s follow up albums IMMOBILARITY “Power” and The LEX DIAMONDS STORY “Wyld in da club”. Hollywood debut as an actor in the indy cult film BLACK AND WHITE along with Ben Stiller, Claudia Schiffer, Jared Leto, Bijou Phillips, Brooke Shields, and Robert Downey jr. helped produce and sequenced the score to the movie with “Kid Encylopedia” and produce the The American Cream Team soundtrack song “Middle finger attitude”, leading up to making his MTV, BET, and VH1 radio and television debut with the single and Breakthrough Video world wide on Amercian Cream Team’s BLACK AND WHITE movie soundtrack feature song “It’s not a Game” featuring Raekwon the Chef and The RZA. After years of numerous T.V. appearances, film and movie exposure, touring extensively across the world, Graphic Designing images for clothing companies and advertisement projects. Music production and freelance writing as a journalist. He returns off hiatus with current music and independent film projects. Starting with his 2 -part solo epic  THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF RAPPER X & the forthcoming deluxe album T.A.R.X. 2.0 [The steroid version] via i tunes/ via online music sites.


 “The Autobiography: Chapter One” prod. by Fantom of the Beat

Wu-tang Killah Bee affiliate (American Cream Team) artist/producer/actor/graphic designer/writer/digital filmmaker For all bookings/info:

planet earth ·

images (4)


EXCLUSIVE Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez #GHETTOGOVT Admiral @DJYELLO

QTP: Well this by far will no doubt be the most absurd interview ever because for anyone who has followed my movements, DJ YELLO has been around since the beginning. But as I always say, never disrespect or underestimate the power of the DJ! However since the DJ is official GGO we must proceed with the formalities. Fam, can you tell the people who you are and what exactly it is that you do?

DJYELLO: Well thank you first an foremost for the interview i feel all warm inside “might be the goose” but anyway lets get into this DJYELLO for one is a force to be reckoned with in this industry i’m not the best at producing but i’m damn good at it i’m not the best at dj’ing but i’m real good at it, but in all honesty i’m just an average guy who’s been in this industry in some form or fashion and all aspects for along time

QTP: Tell the fine people how we met, I know it was a monumental moment in your life.
DJYELLO: Lmaoooo we met on twitter and it was love at first sight i told u about puppies,midgets and twizzlers mixed with liquor and you said somethin’ about kittens and oceans and it was on….. nah if my memory is right i reached out to you first about some help on somethin’ about how to work somethin’ on twitter….. hell i dont remember yesterday for the most part lol
QTP:  All jokes a side (for a minuet anyway), you know I consider you one of the strongest anchors in my career. You really have been in my corner from the gate. But we were strangers, we met on Twitter, why in the hell did you decide to rock with me?
DJYELLO: OK OK jokes aside i’ve always been able to see talent no matter what it may be as long it was reflected in a positive light and the artist was focused on growing and with social media so strong right now its a lot easier to see that from people all we have to do is read what they say and you had that grind and it was very apparent to me that if nothing else this is someone i need to at least be following on twitter
QTP: Now you’re a Wu-Head for real, was the first time you met Razah when we were in DC a few weeks ago to join you on BLIS.FM, was that the first time you met Razah?
DJYELLO: Yeah i’m a WU-HEAD all day i own the original demo tape from them “thats another story” but i’ve been to a lot of shows in my life and while i never had the pleasure of meeting Razah until the interview i’ve seen him perform along with Sunz of Man and Killarmy at a couple events i dont care what i may ever be theres nothin’ like hittin’ a good hip hop show and just bein’ a fan
QTP: By the time we left, you were official Ghetto Govt. Is it all you have hoped for?
DJYELLO: Oh hell nah the fact that even came out and was blessed upon me was exactly that a BLESSING …. i’ve never strived to be a “title” in peoples eyes all the type of coalitions that are out there dj this rapper that i could care less when those go so viral and it costs to get in them and they let anybody in them it becomes trash.. and only a few holdin’ it down.. the rest live off the name. DJYELLO being the admiral of #GGO GHETTO GOVT. again was not expected but i take on the challenge and honor
QTP: You’re going to be hosting the next Ghetto Govt MXTP. What can people expect from you as a host?
DJYELLO: WHATTTTTTTTTT? HEAT, FIYAH , EPIC , this is what i do this is how i get down i would expect a video out of this fuckin’ tape whether i’m in it or not

QTP: Everyone is well aware that you’re a DJ, but you didn’t start out that way. Talk about how you started in music and what you do now.

DJYELLO: AHHHHHH i was the son of a sharecropper in alabama who made whistle noises on the backs of dead frogs…………………… i’m wilin out right now lol ………..My grandmother was a singer and and my father was a dj on college radio so music was always in my ears at some point when hip hop started to form and was really put on wax and getting radio play i started first as the neighborhood kid that would copy different records and put them on tape for my friends then moved into playing with turntables got into writing and performing as an emcee but the love was always being a dj/producer

QTP: Although we already confirmed on-air that this was true, but is it true that the infamous DJ YELLO has dusted off his rhyme book and is in fact coming out of retirement for a collab track with the infamous Queentheprophet?

DJYELLO: DOES THE POPE WEAR  WHITE HAT? i will say this as well i will do one performance live of the song with you if the demand is there

QTP: Yea, stay tuned for that because it’s going to be pure mayhem.  Do we have an official start date to your show starting on BLIS.FM?

DJYELLO: not yet when i sign paper work it has to be on my terms but as it looks right now it will be kickin’ off in sept. at some point …………….good things come to those who wait i got big surprises big S/O to my co-host’s FRANCINE AND WOODY SEED

QTP: You’ve worked with so many people over the years, any favorites besides me of course?

DJYELLO: well we gonna flip shit already so thats one person down and thank you for the opportunity ……….as far as anybody else hmmmmmmmmm i’ve always wanted to work with the greats personally and this is gonna be all over the place as they pop in my head stevie wonder, hank shocklee, rick rubin, quincy jones, dj jazzy jeff, so many to name from then to now to many
QTP: Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you’re hoping to?
DJYELLO: i think the smoke is gettin’ a lil thick in here or is it just me u kinda asked me that already lets sit back take a nap and think about it lmaoooooooooooooooo

QTP: What’s on deck for you music & project wise?

DJYELLO: well i cant wait to work on the next mixtape from Razah #GGO on the planet but i’m currently working on RISE OF THE TRU EMCEES 2 where i feature mc’s from all over the world produced by me workin’ on my new radio show “cant say the name just yet” and just continuing to get good hip hop out to the people who want it and trust me theres more than you think

QTP: What projects are out now? Where can people get some of the MXTPS you’ve done already?

QTP: How can people contact you?
DJYELLO: just yell real loud wtf i’m not that far ……..nah twitter/@djyello or

QTP: Anything else you want people to know besides the fact you adore me and I’m still waiting for my DJ YELLO T-Shirt?

DJYELLO: hmmmmmmm lets see u are the best dont touch my turntables ………..t-shirts and panties will be available on my site soon
me and melle mel
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Exclusive Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez GHETTO GOVT member @sneakvandel

photo (5)

QTP: Peace Sneak!

QTP: For those of you that don’t know, Sneak Vandel is one of my new favorite people (mostly because he’s nuts) but also happens to be a brilliant producer and an official Ghetto Govt member. Sneak, tell the people about yourself, because you do more then just produce.

SNEAK: Glad you added “brilliant” in there or I wasn’t gonna answer this question. Lol

I’m a former gospel artist and that’s where I started my hip-hop career. I put a few records out in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. After a going thru some family things I decided to retire from that aspect of life. After a brief hiatus I started producing to ease my way back into hip-hop. I did a few local albums with some emcees from around my way and mastered my craft. To date I’m a producer,emcee, graphic artist and loyal member of GGO.

photo (4)

QTP: We have all seen the Wu-Tang tattoo, who are some of the Clan affiliates you have worked with in the past and are working with now?

SNEAK: The tattoo is homage to Wu because of their influence on me since 36 chambers. And the fact that they are and always will be the greatest group in hip-hop. I’ve recently just started working with Clan affiliates so my résumé isn’t THAT extensive. I was featured on Judah Priest Sleepy Hollow album on World War 4. I’ve contributed 5 or 6 tracks to his new album also. I know I have work I need to do for Buddha Monk and BKZU. I’m just taking it as it comes ya know…

QTP: I possibly may have heard a rumor that you are creating some sort of masterpiece beat for a collab track with Wu-Tang Affiliate Judah Priest (Brooklyn Zu/ Ghetto Govt) and the infamous Queentheprophet.  Can you confirm or deny such a rumor?

SNEAK: A tru master never gives up his secrets. But it is possible that those wheels are turning. Lol

QTP: You’re working on some things with Razah as well right?

SNEAK: Yeah me and Razah have been building and I have been constructing some heaterz for dude. He’s always been one of my favorite Clan brethren. So I’m excited to be collaborating with him. And I look to do a lot more with him in the future. WINGZ UP!

QTP: What other projects are you working on music & otherwise?

SNEAK: Right now my focus is on Razah and what he needs to complete his work. I don’t like to muddy the waters and take on too many projects at once. I like to focus on an artist so I can deliver quality music to them. Too many cat JUST put out whatever they can, very few put out quality.

QTP: To-date what has been your most memorable project?

SNEAK: My first studio album. It was with a group called Raiderz of the Lost and the album was Prepare for the Spillage. It was at that point that I was able to do music full tilt. Touring was dope and I met a lot of chill people. Plus it was my first world wide distributed album. Side note: that was when I met Judah Priest also.

QTP: That will change after we work together though right?

SNEAK: Depends on if you keep giving me a hard time. Lol

QTP: Is there anyone you really want to work with that you haven’t already? (besides me of course)

SNEAK: I like how most of these questions somehow involve you too. Lol!  Guess that’s why you’re the Queen.

I’d love to do work with Killah Priest, Gza, RA the Rugged Man, and any of the core WTC members. I’d also like to do work for a Sunz of Man reunion album (hint hint).

QTP:  Anything else you want folks to know?

SNEAK: I’m white…

Sike nah….

No really…I’m a white dude.

photo (7)


Exclusive Interview w Legendary Wu-Tang Clan/ Sunz of Man Producer @supreme7g #GHETTOGOVT

QTP: Wingz Up Fam!
Su-Preme : Peace!
QTP: Now Razah refers to Su-Preme as Morpheus… LOL But for the folks that don’t know, talk about yourself and what it is that you do.
Su-Preme : im going to keep this interview as simple as possible.
Cuz there’s so much history that I can write a book or do a movie on my self. . Lol ..
I’m Half owner of Nocturnal 7 records the independent label from Redhook that released “Da last future ep” 1994.
QTP: Now you have been also called “legendary producer” of the Sunz of Man album Last Future, but how did you and Razah meet?
Su-Preme : Razah is the younger bother of my childhood friend Tray Bag .
QTP: Now because you’ve known Razah so long, tell us what it was like in 2010 when he was first in the hospital and then to see him now recovering and all over the globe again?
Su-Preme : Since I’m a family member it was shock then
100% positive thought.
Now look at Razah he’s back on his grind
And doing it better than before .
“God will tap you to awake you to your task”
QTP: Agreed, and God has certainly tapped Razah. You’re also a huge influence on Hell Razah Music, Inc. Artist Automatik Greatness. How did you and Auto hook -up?
Su-Preme : Right here on the net .
Been giving Automatik free beats and info for a long time.
Why ? Because my A alike asked for some help.
Funny thing Automatik and I have never met in person.
QTP: Over the years, you have done a lot of work with a lot of people. What was your most memorable project so far?
Su-Preme : Being with Wu-Tang at the beginning when none of us had a dime.
supreme7g on FB,YouTube,MySpace,Twitter.
Originally, Su-Preme was the primary producer of Sunz of Man. He produced their demo album (when the group was called Da Last Future) while still forming and taking shape as the first to be signed Wutang affiliates. He also produced some songs on the shelved Sunz of Man album Nothing New Under the Sun. Su-Preme was credited as producing the songs “Natural High” and “Israeli News” on the Sunz of Man debut album, The Last Shall be First.[ (SOURCE: Wikipedia)
Artists Album Track Title(s) Date/Label
Sunz of Man Nothing New Under the Sun No Love Without Hate 1995 Wu-Tang Records
6th Floor 12″ Project Logic
1995 Kick Live Records
Sunz of Man The Last Shall Be First Natural High
Israeli News
1998 Threat/Red Ant/Wu-Tang Records
Tray Bag 12″ Could It Be
Lock It Up
1998 Echo International
Tray Bag 12″ If U Can Swing It (Bring It)
Sunz of Man The First Testament Who Are The Sunz of Man?
The Valley of Death
Valley of Kings
Natural High (interlude)
Hell Hole
Lulla Bye
1998 Red Hook Records/Wu-Tang Records
Chill Rob G. Blackgold No Matter What 2000 Echo International
Hell Razah 12″ Champaigne Room
Ghetto Love
Hood Life
Hell Razah When All Hell Breaks Loose What We Came To Do 2001 Echo International/Wu-Tang Records
Sunz of Man 12″ Inmates to the Fire 2003 WTCKillaBeez, Inc.
Sunz of Man No Love Without Hate No Love Without Hate 2006 Green Streets/Wu-Tang Records
Shabazz the Disciple The Becoming Of The Disciple 94 B.C. – 00 A.B.e Party Wit a Tec 2006 T.H.U.G. Angelz Music/Chamber Musik
7 Profitz The Resurrection LP 2099 A.D. 2007 Funkin Beatz/The Orchard


Exclusive Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez GHETTO GOVT member KNA-LO @knalo7

kna-lo photo 3

QTP: Peace fam, Wingz Up!

QTP: For those that don’t know, tell us who you are, what you do:

KNA-LO:  “Kna-Lo Venge” Artist, Producer, Actor, Visionary.

QTP: When did you start rapping?

KNA-LO: 12 years old

QTP: Who were your role models music wise?

KNA-LO:  Biggie, Wu-Tang, Jay-Z, DMX, Prince, Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, Pitbull, FloRida, to name just a few.

QTP: How did you get hooked up with Razah and the GGO movement?

KNA-LO: We’re family!

QTP: What projects are you working on? What can folks expect over the next year?

KNA-LO:  New Single “Blood Pressure” available now on Shows nation wide and album coming next year.

QTP: Is there anyone that you really want to work with that you haven’t yet?

KNA-LO: P!nk, Nas, Prince, Jay-Z, Eminem. Off the top of my head.

QTP: How can folks reach you?

kna-lo photo 2

logo kna-lo

Kna-Lo/Venge defines his music as a testament to all that was and is good in Music. He originates from Queens, New York, the birth place of Hip Hop and hopes to set a standard in the music industry. “Kna-Lo does Hip-Hop as if it were written in his DNA” —

Kna-Lo/Venge is currently working on tracks for Avatar 2 and several reality tv shows, as well as several music licensing projects and commercials. More recently, he has music tracks that can be heard on MTV, Bridezillas, The Millionaire Matchmaker, My Sweet Sixteen and 2009-2010 Hottest MC In The Game. In addition, Kna-Lo/Venge is embarking on a solo project and his goal is to develop his own artists, but he’s not stopping there. Kna-Lo/Venge writes, produces, arranges, performs, develops and, is involved in every aspect of the music industry. Kna-Lo/Venge is his new moniker and he has put together a new image to go along with that addition to his name.

Originally just Kna-Lo, Venge represents his new attitude “to aVenge those without a voice”. With a new single & video “Blood Pressure” co-produced by D/R Period it looks like Kna-Lo/Venge has carved out a lane totally original and all his own.

Kna-Lo/Venge has built a solid background in the music business. He’s met, worked with and produced such artists as Big Pun, AZ, N.o.r.e., SPK, Sean Kingston, Lady GaGa, Ashanti, Akinyele, Jerome Benton, Red Café, Capone, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis M.O.P., Lil Kim, The Jacksons and many more. Kna-lo/Venge has also appeared in music videos with Wu-Tang, Rick Ross, Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, Pink and many others.

Kna-Lo Venge has just finished (4/10/2013) two new songs, 1: for Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis’ licensing co. and a follow up single produced by hit maker SPK (famous for his work with Nina Sky, N.O.R.E. etc.). In 2008, he released a CD on “Bomb Hip Hop”, which he had the role as producer/executive producer, writer and performer.

Kna-Lo/Venge is aware of how audiences musical preferences fluctuate quite often. His new music and image is a bit darker but, more accessible to a wider audience. With his ear to the ground, Kna-Lo/Venge will continue to produce music to entice listeners and increase his current fan base. We’re excited to see where he takes us next!!

“Let me whip it around, so you know just what’s thorough, I can be your hero, you’ve had enough zeros, you’ve got the most natural swag I’ve ever seen attitude is tight and your shape is so mean” Quote from fan released single “Sexy Girl”.

M. Blain

Freelance Music Critic/Author/Screenwriter.


Exclusive Interview w Producer SHROOM @shroom020 HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez GHETTO GOVT

photo (2)

QTP: Peace Shroom!


SHROOM: what it do


QTP: For those that don’t know, tell the folks who you are, where you’re from and what it is that you do?


SHROOM: im a music producer and audio engineer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I’m specialized in Hip Hop and Soul but i like to mix it up with other genres. That why i like Hip Hop so much cause i think thats the only genre thats mixes all other genres.


QTP: What artists have you worked with? Have you done any work with any other of the Wu-Tang Clan family?


SHROOM: through the years i worked with artists like Ghostface, Busta Rhymes, Styles P, Sheek Louch, Cappadonna, Killa Sha (RIP), Shyheim, Infamous Mobb, Black Moon, Tragedy Khadafi, Shabazz The Disciple etc. so yeah i worked with a bunch of Wu Tang artists


QTP: When did you first meet Razah?


SHROOM: i met Razah on myspace like 5 years ago (maybe longer). He sent me his email and i mailed him some beats. Then he hit me back and said “yooo u r my secret weapon” lol.. By that time he was workin on the THUG Angelz album with Shabazz the Disciple and they used 3 of my beats for that. Since then i’m on every project Razah drops. Right now workin on an entire album together with my soul arist Tarone. The name of our group is “The Dutch” (cause New York used to be New Amsterdam) and out album is called “Music From The Heart”. The first video should come out soon.


QTP: How did you get involved with GGO & Hell Razah Music, Inc.?


SHROOM: Razah my brother so whatever he does i’m involved. Killa Sha and him are the first artists from NY that started fuckin with me so..


QTP: Can you talk about the upcoming projects you’re working on with Razah?


SHROOM: check above


QTP: What other projects are you working on?


SHROOM: right now Godfather pt 3 from Infamous Mobb out here in Amsterdam to work on his album with me. Also Ghostface recorded some more tracks to my beats so i hope they’ll make the cut. Started workin on Tarone’s solorproject too. Also doin a indie project with this artist Meitje from out here. 


QTP: Anything else you want folks to know? 

That they should buy the music instead of downloading for free if they like the music lol

photo (1)

Twitter: @Shroom020

FB: Shroom Psychedelic


Hell Razah “Brooklyn Tale” Produced by Shroom prod by Shroom — with Shyheim Franklin and 3 others.

Tragedy Khadafi Produced by Shroom “Free Thinkers”

“Wu-Block” Cocaine Central ft. Ghost Face Killah, Sheek Louch, Styles P Produced by Shroom

photo (3)


EXCLUSIVE Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez Music, Inc. Artist @yung_razah



QTP: Peace Yung Razah! The prince is in the building!For those of you that don’t know, Kappo the Renaissance Child aka Yung Razah is the oldest son of Wu-Tang Clan Sunz of Man, Ghetto Govt President Hell Razah/ Heaven Razah. Kappo, what was it like growing up Razah’s son? We have all seen the pictures of you on video & photo shoot sites as a kid, looking back what was that like?

KAPPO:  First off I wanna start by saying thank you for the opportunity and Salute to my fans buh yeah as a kid I got to see my dad work hard to be in his position. So I know how much heart u got to put in your music to be remembered as someone in this game.

QTP: What’s it like having Raz as a Dad? He often shares his wisdom with his fans in his music. I’m sure as a Father he has shared things with you. Did he ever give you any words of wisdom that stick out to you?

KAPPO: Yeah of course almost every conversation u have w my dad is words of wisdom. He definitely didn’t raised no fool he always made sure that I know that all tha Glitter ain’t Gold in this game and to stay true to where u from and most important to yaself

QTP: Did you always want to rap? Your Dad says the first time he found out you rapped was when he came home from the hospital.

KAPPO: my father was always  my hero in my life. so when u see ya hero in a predicament like that it gives you a lot of inspiration and motivation. So not only did I have to hold da household Down I wanted to hold him down music wise and from there it went frum a hobby to a Lifestyle

QTP: How old were you in 2010 when your Dad got sick? I can’t imagine how scary that must have been for you & your family. What was that like?

KAPPO: Well think of it like this my father almost died so fu** this rap sh** I’m proud to be able to speak to my father still buh at tha moment yes my whole family was worried for him and I was 15 at tha time so so many things was running thru my head

QTP: How does it feel now to see your Dad recovering and making big moves again?

KAPPO: It means the world to me honestly bc that shows me tht nothing can hold you back from what you wanna do

QTP: Are you excited to be a part of Hell Razah Music, Inc.?

KAPPO:  Hell Yeah Fuckin Right.! Not only am I able to do music like my pops buh to be under his own label is something special

QTP: Talk a little about what you have going on musically. I believe there is another family member involved as well. Is your cousin working with you as a producer?

KAPPO: Yeah my cousin ( King Mula ) got a great sound it’s a real underground mainstream mix to it. And that’s why we work together because a lot of ppl say that about me so I guess it runs thru tha Family. And I got a lot of music I been sittin on that I’m just waitin to drop on y’all. I just hope y’all Ready

QTP: What projects do you have out right now? What’s coming up? Where can fans get your music?

KAPPO: Well I have my first mixtape I dropped last year and that was on soundcloud called “Salute “. But next up im dropping my new tape in October called “Renaissance” and you could get at me on     Instagram @ YungRazah      Facebook Chron Kappo Smith    Soundcloud    >Kappo<

QTP: How would you describe your music for anyone who hasn’t heard it? How do you describe yourself as an emcee?

KAPPO: My music Is Full of heavy punch lines n metaphors buh  I’m very creative I like to make sure I appreciate the old school and where I’m from most importantly.

QTP: Anything else you want folks to know?

KAPPO: Yeah I want them to know that if they following me they following something special and me n my team gone make it to tha top so why not F**k With us from the beginning. Wingz Up Salute GGO




Hell Razah Music, Inc.

Artist: Kappo the Renaissance Child aka “Young Razah”


Kappo the Renaissance Child aka “Young Razah” is Hell Razah’s oldest son, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  Kappo began to write music at the age of 14 unbeknown to his Father.

Kappo says “ My father taught me a lot as a kid. He always brought me to the studio when he could and he always made sure my focus was on the right track and I love him for that. My father is my whole inspiration.” Razah says “I didn’t even know he was paying attention. The first time I heard his music is when I came home from the hospital after the aneurysm in 2010. I thank God that I wasn’t the kind of Father that was doing messed up stuff in front of my kids. My son learned to write, rap, and record himself just by watching me and I didn’t even know.”

When asked about his style, Kappo says, “Ii like to be original and more creative than other people. My music has a old skool new skool mix to it. When I started to rap I was past a lot of rappers around me already, and the years that have passed I’ve got nothing but better. My teams gotten stronger, I’ve been working harder , and my daughters getting bigger.”

Kappo tells fans to “stay tuned” as he has big plans and projects coming up and walking in the footsteps of his father, Yung Razah is already a force to be reckon with.



2012, “SALUTE” (Mixtape)

2013, “R.I.P. Freestyle” via  Hell Razah presents United Hoods of America, Volume 3

2013, “B**** don’t blow my high” via  Hell Razah presents United Hoods of America, Volume 3

2013, “I’m blessed” via Hell Razah presents United Hoods of America, Volume 3

“Son of Man” Mix Tape anticipated release date: October, 2013


Exclusive Interview with Hell Razah @razah_rubiez Music, Inc. Artist AUTOMATIK @automatik7


QTP: Wingz Up Boss!


QTP: For the folks that don’t know, talk a about your affiliation with Ghetto Govt, Hell Razah Music, Inc.  and how you and Razah hooked up :

AUTO: I’m GGO Secretary Of Defense, GG.R.I Chapter General, and HellRazah Music Inc Artist. I Been building with Razah for almost 5years Now, I first met Razah way back in 97/98 when the were doing Last Shall Be First Album. They were in Providence, R.I at a local Record Shop(Hi Tones). Razah was with Prodigal Sunn and C.O.I.N.S, I ended up going up to razah and builder with him about religion and life. He told me to stick to the scriptures, cause that’s all the info and science you need. Then I haven’t spoke to him after that untill I linked up with Su-preme, The legendary Producer of Sunz Of Man (The Last Future). Preme was my mentor and helping me build my career, than I asked him about I linking up with Razah. He told me to contact him through email. I hit o up, and explained who I was and how I knew him and he told me he was happy I reached out to add on with him. Then I showed him a few of my music links and he liked them and told me to keep building, cause he was going to collab with u on some songs. I ended up losing contact, cause razah ended up going into a coma from a aneurysm he had. So soon as I heard the news, I immediately reached out to his family about doing a compilation mixtape with Wu members and people who knew and loved razah. The title was Invasion Of The Elohim, which was a title razah gave me. The proceeds were supposed to go to Razah for his recovery, but the label ended up blocking the whole move. I stayed loyal and remained by razah, promoted his music and movement while he was still recovering. I felt I owed it to him, cause I always looked up to razah and respected him as big brother. And I felt I couldn’t let him go through it alone. I take that saying real serious”I am my Brothers Keeper. And I will always remain loyal to Razah no matter what.


QTP: Where did you get the name Automatik Greatness from? Can you also explain your other name Auriel?


AUTO: Originally my name was Semi Automatik, then I switched it to Automatik. And as I ascended and became more concious and deeper into my studies, I changed it to Automatik Greatness. Cause I was born a Preemy, only 2pounds and 3ounces born with sickle cell. All the babies born at the time in the same nursey as me died, except me. Thnkz to my mom and the Heavenly Abba YHWH for saving me. Just knowing that’s how I came into the world, I figured I would change it to Automatik Greatness. Auriel is a whole nother level, it means The Fire Of God, and Auriel is one of the 7arcangels, one of the 4angels of the Presence who sit by the throne with most high, and also protects heaven’s gate and garden of Eden with the flamming Sword. It fits me perfectly, cause its the same as secretary of defense. That title was giving to me by Razah, once I earned my Wingz And Halo.

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QTP: A few months ago, you dropped your MXTP the Raptism. Tell us a little about that project and where folks can download it.
AUTO: I released a mixtape The Raptism in the Spring of this year, it was a mixtape I was building with Razah and preme about. Razah gave me the title, and Su-Preme gave me the idea about doing a mixtape for the younger generation. It started with just one song at first, which was called Open Letter. It is also featured on Ghetto Goverment mixtape United Hoodz Vol 2, I ended up recording 8 songs one day, then did the other 8 the next day and it was history. It took my 2days to do it. The concept of the Album is To Sneak Tue knowledge into the music, using beats and terminology the youth is more familar with. It is called Raptism, cause I came to Baptise the youth with the truth, so instead getting baptized in Holy Water, they’re getting Baptized (Raptised) in Holy Lyrics. They can find it on and YouTube.

QTP: A lot of folks don’t know that during Razah’s recovery, you recorded a song for him. Razah has often made mention of this track in several other interviews and tells us that your track helped him so much during his healing process. Tell us about the track.

AUTO: yeah, the song is called Angel Prayers (Dear Raziel). This song is very personal and deep, cause at the time I was going thru a lot as well, and was expressing the pain of my Big Brother Razah being in a coma. Its crazy, cause I was holding my Daughter Ishara while I was recording and she was only 7mnths at the time. She was crying the whole time I was recording, you can actually hear her in the background crying thru the whole song, She felt my pain. She is 3 now, so you know that was a while back. Its a honor and blessing knowing that song helped my brother through his recovery, cause that’s exactly what the song was made for. I wanted to keep my brother in a positive mind state, and let him know he has family that is here for him no matter what.

QTP: What’s on deck for you music & project wise over the next year? What can the fans expect?
AUTO: I have alot of albums and music on deck, I’m waiting to release. I dropping a special Mixtape, before I drop My Mental Advisory Album, I have a EP dropping soon called “Info Wars”with my GG.R.I brother Miverson aka Metatron, the Street Kingz album with my brothers Legend and Ice, A album with Me and my younger Brother Amazing Ace, the Ghetto Black Tribe album and a few other projects. I also have my cousin group droppin too They are called The Rhode Warriorz (Lc tha producer, AR Animal, and Nate) I’m going to be real busy in the next few years with projects.

QTP: Anything else you want the fans to know?

AUTO: GGO is Next, so Move with us or Move out the way. Suuulute to My Honey Bee, My children, her children, My Family and GGO family Worldwide, Expect us.. kause Were koming with our Wingz All The Way UP!

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Hell Razah Music, Inc.



Automatik Greatness Started emceeing at seven years-old. Auto says, “I started rapping because I wanted to spread the message to people and I felt that rap music was the way to express the truth and get the music out.”

Automatik first met Hell Razah in 1998 in Providence, RI. The Sunz Of Man had just released the “First Shall Be Last” album and they were in RI for an autograph signing. Auto says, “ I saw Razah and called him “Israel”. We started building and I remember Razah told me to “stick to the scriptures”.” Auto and Razah lost touch until about 2008 and Auto reached out to Razah to discuss a collab and they have been friends ever since. In 2010 when Razah suffered his aneurysm,  Automatik stopped all of the projects he was working on and started to immediately put together a mixtape in order to raise proceeds for Razah’s recovery. The label Razah was signed to at the time did not co-sign the project, so it was stopped. Auto continued on his own to promote Razah’s music and projects. Auto has remained by Razah’s side throughout his recovery while Razah kept him busy with plenty to read and study.

In 2013, Razah appointed Automatik the RI Ghetto Government Chapter General (Secretary of Defense) and added him to the roster of artists that will formally represent Hell Razah Music, Inc.

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Hell Razah & Automatik Greatness July, 2013


2011, Hell Razah presents United Hoods of America MXT , Volume 1 Red Hook

2012, DJ D PHARO MXTP, Underground Heavy Weights, Volume 1

2012, Snoop Dogg’s MXTP, Snoop-a-dellic Underground Rising, Volume 1

2013, The Raptism, Debut MXTP of Automatik Greatness

2013, Hell Razah presents United Hoods of America, Volume 2

2013, Hell Razah presents United Hoods of America, Ghetto Govt Officials Volume 3

The Raptism part 2, 2014

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