FEATURE ARTIST : Wu-Tang Clan Killer Bee Affiliate (American Cream Team) @rhymerecka



Artist/Producer/Actor/Graphic Designer/Writer/Digital Film Maker


Known by the Infamous RHYMERECKA of the classic Tony Touch Tape 50: 50 Emcees Mixtape Freestyle banger with Cappadonna. Lyrical Pioneer and original Nexx Level click member that helped change how Emcees rhymed with the “broken Language style” along with Smoothe Da Hustler and Trigga tha Gambler. Featured on the underground classic “Hustler’s Theme Remix”, “Hitman for Hire pt. 2”, “Blowin up spots”. Walking into studios stoned without no pens and notebooks, The prototype, the first and youngest Rapper known for recording songs without writing over a decade before it became a technique for other legendary rappers such as the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z. Hailing from Staten Island, Killah Hill 10304 New York. Official Wu-Tang affiliate guest starred on Cappadonna’s debut album the Pillage’s “Everything is Everything”. Also member of Raekwon the Chef’s flagship rap group, American Cream Team. The leading Lyricist featured on Raekwon’s follow up albums IMMOBILARITY “Power” and The LEX DIAMONDS STORY “Wyld in da club”. Hollywood debut as an actor in the indy cult film BLACK AND WHITE along with Ben Stiller, Claudia Schiffer, Jared Leto, Bijou Phillips, Brooke Shields, and Robert Downey jr. helped produce and sequenced the score to the movie with “Kid Encylopedia” and produce the The American Cream Team soundtrack song “Middle finger attitude”, leading up to making his MTV, BET, and VH1 radio and television debut with the single and Breakthrough Video world wide on Amercian Cream Team’s BLACK AND WHITE movie soundtrack feature song “It’s not a Game” featuring Raekwon the Chef and The RZA. After years of numerous T.V. appearances, film and movie exposure, touring extensively across the world, Graphic Designing images for clothing companies and advertisement projects. Music production and freelance writing as a journalist. He returns off hiatus with current music and independent film projects. Starting with his 2 -part solo epic  THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF RAPPER X & the forthcoming deluxe album T.A.R.X. 2.0 [The steroid version] via i tunes/ via online music sites.


 “The Autobiography: Chapter One” prod. by Fantom of the Beat
“THE GAZA STRIP” http://youtu.be/pA6Iak4Q9vQ

Wu-tang Killah Bee affiliate (American Cream Team) artist/producer/actor/graphic designer/writer/digital filmmaker For all bookings/info: Dcmglobal@gmail.com

planet earth · Dcmdigital.com

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