Exclusive Interview w Legendary Wu-Tang Clan/ Sunz of Man Producer @supreme7g #GHETTOGOVT

QTP: Wingz Up Fam!
Su-Preme : Peace!
QTP: Now Razah refers to Su-Preme as Morpheus… LOL But for the folks that don’t know, talk about yourself and what it is that you do.
Su-Preme : im going to keep this interview as simple as possible.
Cuz there’s so much history that I can write a book or do a movie on my self. . Lol ..
I’m Half owner of Nocturnal 7 records the independent label from Redhook that released “Da last future ep” 1994.
QTP: Now you have been also called “legendary producer” of the Sunz of Man album Last Future, but how did you and Razah meet?
Su-Preme : Razah is the younger bother of my childhood friend Tray Bag .
QTP: Now because you’ve known Razah so long, tell us what it was like in 2010 when he was first in the hospital and then to see him now recovering and all over the globe again?
Su-Preme : Since I’m a family member it was shock then
100% positive thought.
Now look at Razah he’s back on his grind
And doing it better than before .
“God will tap you to awake you to your task”
QTP: Agreed, and God has certainly tapped Razah. You’re also a huge influence on Hell Razah Music, Inc. Artist Automatik Greatness. How did you and Auto hook -up?
Su-Preme : Right here on the net .
Been giving Automatik free beats and info for a long time.
Why ? Because my A alike asked for some help.
Funny thing Automatik and I have never met in person.
QTP: Over the years, you have done a lot of work with a lot of people. What was your most memorable project so far?
Su-Preme : Being with Wu-Tang at the beginning when none of us had a dime.
supreme7g on FB,YouTube,MySpace,Twitter.
Originally, Su-Preme was the primary producer of Sunz of Man. He produced their demo album (when the group was called Da Last Future) while still forming and taking shape as the first to be signed Wutang affiliates. He also produced some songs on the shelved Sunz of Man album Nothing New Under the Sun. Su-Preme was credited as producing the songs “Natural High” and “Israeli News” on the Sunz of Man debut album, The Last Shall be First.[ (SOURCE: Wikipedia)
Artists Album Track Title(s) Date/Label
Sunz of Man Nothing New Under the Sun No Love Without Hate 1995 Wu-Tang Records
6th Floor 12″ Project Logic
1995 Kick Live Records
Sunz of Man The Last Shall Be First Natural High
Israeli News
1998 Threat/Red Ant/Wu-Tang Records
Tray Bag 12″ Could It Be
Lock It Up
1998 Echo International
Tray Bag 12″ If U Can Swing It (Bring It)
Sunz of Man The First Testament Who Are The Sunz of Man?
The Valley of Death
Valley of Kings
Natural High (interlude)
Hell Hole
Lulla Bye
1998 Red Hook Records/Wu-Tang Records
Chill Rob G. Blackgold No Matter What 2000 Echo International
Hell Razah 12″ Champaigne Room
Ghetto Love
Hood Life
Hell Razah When All Hell Breaks Loose What We Came To Do 2001 Echo International/Wu-Tang Records
Sunz of Man 12″ Inmates to the Fire 2003 WTCKillaBeez, Inc.
Sunz of Man No Love Without Hate No Love Without Hate 2006 Green Streets/Wu-Tang Records
Shabazz the Disciple The Becoming Of The Disciple 94 B.C. – 00 A.B.e Party Wit a Tec 2006 T.H.U.G. Angelz Music/Chamber Musik
7 Profitz The Resurrection LP 2099 A.D. 2007 Funkin Beatz/The Orchard


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    Thank you .
    Thank you .
    Peace to Queen the prophet.
    Thanks for the interview .
    I love it.

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