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Greetings Fam!

Peace and blessings. I want to talk about something that every person in the world needs to hear. Let’s talk about not giving up. Life can deal us all curve balls that we weren’t expecting and sometimes those curveballs come from our own karma. The thing that we forget most is that God is not a genie in a bottle. When you pray for things like faith, God does not wave a magic wand and boom you have faith. Situations which will allow you to test your faith and make your faith strong pop up.

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When you have something in your heart that you can’t go a day without thinking about, never give up. It does not matter what it looks like on the outside. We as human beings are impatient. We want everything here and now, and when it doesn’t go the way WE THINK it should go, too often times we assume it’s not working. In actuality what appears to be a set-back is normally a set-up for something even greater if you hang on.


I have found (the hard way, because simply I am hardheaded… yea I know, I’m working on it) that in any of my tornado of situations, that how we are responding to the test is exactly what predicts the outcome of the reward. Think about it, have you ever been sorry in the long run that you took the high road in a situation as opposed to reacting in temporary emotion? Fam, people are mean, people lie on you, people are nasty, and I’m sorry but that is just a part of life. We cannot control other people, but we can absolutely control ourselves. If you allow it to anger you, it controls you.

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If you lay down with pigs you’re gonna get dirty. You can’t be mad any anyone but yourself that you jumped in a pig pen. Too often times we forget to accept the personal responsibility in situations, even the ones that aren’t necessarily your fault. I’m going to share this with you, because quite honestly it’s the best exsample I can think of and if it helps one person? It was worth it. I got married in my early twenties and it was a disaster. I got married for all the wrong reasons. I was in church and I thought I was on my way to hell and I had to marry the person I was living with. That was one of the stupidest things to-date that I have ever done. The marriage ended in divorce and it wasn’t technically my fault because my former husband cheated on me continuously.

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Here’s the thing though, I got over it not because of divorce and not because years later I got an apology. I got over it because I learned that I played a part in it too. I got married for the wrong reasons. I knew my X-husband was a terrible boyfriend, and it was nobody’s fault but MINE that he was turned into a terrible husband. I knew full well what it was when I did it, I did it anyway. If you can get raw with yourself infront of the mirror and accept the part that you played and throw that pride in the trash? I promise that you will find yourself getting over things faster and healing. The evidence of healing is you stop talking about it every time somebody scratches that surface. If every time somebody puts a quarter in your slot and you start running your mouth? You’re not over it.

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You can’t give up on things no matter how grim they may appear. FEAR= FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. Don’t give up on love, don’t give up on life, don’t give up on your dreams, and NEVER give up on yourself.

Be Blessed –


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  1. Queen this is so beautiful and inspiring! People need to hear things like this, especially when they are going through emotional turmoil in their lives.

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