Exclusive Interview with Hell Razah @razah_rubiez Music, Inc. Artist AUTOMATIK @automatik7


QTP: Wingz Up Boss!


QTP: For the folks that don’t know, talk a about your affiliation with Ghetto Govt, Hell Razah Music, Inc.  and how you and Razah hooked up :

AUTO: I’m GGO Secretary Of Defense, GG.R.I Chapter General, and HellRazah Music Inc Artist. I Been building with Razah for almost 5years Now, I first met Razah way back in 97/98 when the were doing Last Shall Be First Album. They were in Providence, R.I at a local Record Shop(Hi Tones). Razah was with Prodigal Sunn and C.O.I.N.S, I ended up going up to razah and builder with him about religion and life. He told me to stick to the scriptures, cause that’s all the info and science you need. Then I haven’t spoke to him after that untill I linked up with Su-preme, The legendary Producer of Sunz Of Man (The Last Future). Preme was my mentor and helping me build my career, than I asked him about I linking up with Razah. He told me to contact him through email. I hit o up, and explained who I was and how I knew him and he told me he was happy I reached out to add on with him. Then I showed him a few of my music links and he liked them and told me to keep building, cause he was going to collab with u on some songs. I ended up losing contact, cause razah ended up going into a coma from a aneurysm he had. So soon as I heard the news, I immediately reached out to his family about doing a compilation mixtape with Wu members and people who knew and loved razah. The title was Invasion Of The Elohim, which was a title razah gave me. The proceeds were supposed to go to Razah for his recovery, but the label ended up blocking the whole move. I stayed loyal and remained by razah, promoted his music and movement while he was still recovering. I felt I owed it to him, cause I always looked up to razah and respected him as big brother. And I felt I couldn’t let him go through it alone. I take that saying real serious”I am my Brothers Keeper. And I will always remain loyal to Razah no matter what.


QTP: Where did you get the name Automatik Greatness from? Can you also explain your other name Auriel?


AUTO: Originally my name was Semi Automatik, then I switched it to Automatik. And as I ascended and became more concious and deeper into my studies, I changed it to Automatik Greatness. Cause I was born a Preemy, only 2pounds and 3ounces born with sickle cell. All the babies born at the time in the same nursey as me died, except me. Thnkz to my mom and the Heavenly Abba YHWH for saving me. Just knowing that’s how I came into the world, I figured I would change it to Automatik Greatness. Auriel is a whole nother level, it means The Fire Of God, and Auriel is one of the 7arcangels, one of the 4angels of the Presence who sit by the throne with most high, and also protects heaven’s gate and garden of Eden with the flamming Sword. It fits me perfectly, cause its the same as secretary of defense. That title was giving to me by Razah, once I earned my Wingz And Halo.

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QTP: A few months ago, you dropped your MXTP the Raptism. Tell us a little about that project and where folks can download it.
AUTO: I released a mixtape The Raptism in the Spring of this year, it was a mixtape I was building with Razah and preme about. Razah gave me the title, and Su-Preme gave me the idea about doing a mixtape for the younger generation. It started with just one song at first, which was called Open Letter. It is also featured on Ghetto Goverment mixtape United Hoodz Vol 2, I ended up recording 8 songs one day, then did the other 8 the next day and it was history. It took my 2days to do it. The concept of the Album is To Sneak Tue knowledge into the music, using beats and terminology the youth is more familar with. It is called Raptism, cause I came to Baptise the youth with the truth, so instead getting baptized in Holy Water, they’re getting Baptized (Raptised) in Holy Lyrics. They can find it on Datpiff.com and YouTube.

QTP: A lot of folks don’t know that during Razah’s recovery, you recorded a song for him. Razah has often made mention of this track in several other interviews and tells us that your track helped him so much during his healing process. Tell us about the track.

AUTO: yeah, the song is called Angel Prayers (Dear Raziel). This song is very personal and deep, cause at the time I was going thru a lot as well, and was expressing the pain of my Big Brother Razah being in a coma. Its crazy, cause I was holding my Daughter Ishara while I was recording and she was only 7mnths at the time. She was crying the whole time I was recording, you can actually hear her in the background crying thru the whole song, She felt my pain. She is 3 now, so you know that was a while back. Its a honor and blessing knowing that song helped my brother through his recovery, cause that’s exactly what the song was made for. I wanted to keep my brother in a positive mind state, and let him know he has family that is here for him no matter what.

QTP: What’s on deck for you music & project wise over the next year? What can the fans expect?
AUTO: I have alot of albums and music on deck, I’m waiting to release. I dropping a special Mixtape, before I drop My Mental Advisory Album, I have a EP dropping soon called “Info Wars”with my GG.R.I brother Miverson aka Metatron, the Street Kingz album with my brothers Legend and Ice, A album with Me and my younger Brother Amazing Ace, the Ghetto Black Tribe album and a few other projects. I also have my cousin group droppin too They are called The Rhode Warriorz (Lc tha producer, AR Animal, and Nate) I’m going to be real busy in the next few years with projects.

QTP: Anything else you want the fans to know?

AUTO: GGO is Next, so Move with us or Move out the way. Suuulute to My Honey Bee, My children, her children, My Family and GGO family Worldwide, Expect us.. kause Were koming with our Wingz All The Way UP!

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Hell Razah Music, Inc.



Automatik Greatness Started emceeing at seven years-old. Auto says, “I started rapping because I wanted to spread the message to people and I felt that rap music was the way to express the truth and get the music out.”

Automatik first met Hell Razah in 1998 in Providence, RI. The Sunz Of Man had just released the “First Shall Be Last” album and they were in RI for an autograph signing. Auto says, “ I saw Razah and called him “Israel”. We started building and I remember Razah told me to “stick to the scriptures”.” Auto and Razah lost touch until about 2008 and Auto reached out to Razah to discuss a collab and they have been friends ever since. In 2010 when Razah suffered his aneurysm,  Automatik stopped all of the projects he was working on and started to immediately put together a mixtape in order to raise proceeds for Razah’s recovery. The label Razah was signed to at the time did not co-sign the project, so it was stopped. Auto continued on his own to promote Razah’s music and projects. Auto has remained by Razah’s side throughout his recovery while Razah kept him busy with plenty to read and study.

In 2013, Razah appointed Automatik the RI Ghetto Government Chapter General (Secretary of Defense) and added him to the roster of artists that will formally represent Hell Razah Music, Inc.

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Hell Razah & Automatik Greatness July, 2013


2011, Hell Razah presents United Hoods of America MXT , Volume 1 Red Hook

2012, DJ D PHARO MXTP, Underground Heavy Weights, Volume 1

2012, Snoop Dogg’s MXTP, Snoop-a-dellic Underground Rising, Volume 1

2013, The Raptism, Debut MXTP of Automatik Greatness

2013, Hell Razah presents United Hoods of America, Volume 2

2013, Hell Razah presents United Hoods of America, Ghetto Govt Officials Volume 3

The Raptism part 2, 2014

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  1. Automatik is one of the few brothers that listen and learn .
    Look at him now .
    I got some beat for you fam.
    Free beats for you fam you already know.

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