Exclusive Interview: Hell Razah @Razah_rubiez Music, Inc. Artist SCRIPTURE @scriptureggo

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QTP: Peace Boss! Wingz Up!

Scripture: Peace Queen!! Wingz Up!!

QTP: Explain to the folks the meaning behind the name Suriel Scripture

Scripture : The name “Scripture” came from some of my verses from many years ago. Individuals that I used to rhyme with always said that my verses had deep messages in them, and that they sounded like Scriptures. After that it was history, the name just stuck with me. As far as Suriel, he is an Archangel that provides healing and protection, and I am a “protector” by nature. That is something that I always knew how to do I always stick up for my people and my family, so that is another name that just was so natural for me.

QTP: For those that don’t know, talk about your affiliation with Ghetto Govt and about yourself as an artist with Hell Razah Music, Inc.

Scripture: My affiliation with Ghetto Govt., Officialz is that I am the Attorney General and I also represent HellRazah Music Inc. as one of the upcoming artist on that label. For me though it’s not about only music, it is about establishing relationships and keeping them by being on the up and up. No need for any “hidden agenda” or trying to sneak in sideways to accomplish shine for yourself. There is no need trying to be a superstar off something that is already been established, I like to stay in my lane and contribute to something that has been here and be grateful.

QTP: How did you and Razah end up linking up? How did this all begin?

Scripture: Razah and I linked up a couple months ago from being out of touch for quite awhile, but our friendship stems back to the late ’90’s man. See alot of heads do not understand that Razah and I have been linked together this long. He was doing a promo for “The Last Shall Be First Album,” and a Dj homie of mine had Razah and Prodigal on his show, and he had called me down to the show. I ended missing the actual radio show but made the performance. Once there, Razah and I kicked it like two brothers that had just reunited, but we met for the first time it was crazy. After that it was on, we just kept a bond from then to now. An here we are today, GGO!!!

QTP: What projects are you working on? What can the fans expect?

Scripture: As far as projects, working alongside my GGO family of course and working on my material. I am in no rush for me becasue I am very selective when it comes to production. I like that gritty slash drama filled type production, kinda dark but I will get ready to have something for the people. The fans can expect my life put into the project, my journey, my joys, my pains and a picture that will obviously tell more than a thousand words. My heart and soul will be given and I hope they(the fans) will walk with me as I pour it out.

QTP: Anything else you want the fans to know?

Scripture: To the fans (that I wish to have) just know that I am very down to earth, but do struggle from time to time. I am just a regular cat that is learning to appreciate life daily, and that I cherish family. I am a people person that can blend in with just about anybody. I thank God for everything that has been given to me thus far and I hope to change/save a life with my music. Shout out to my wife, my daughters, stepson, and of course my GG’zz!!! Thanks for this opportunity, PEACE!!!!

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Hell Razah Music, Inc.

Artist: Suriel Scripture


Scripture started rapping in the late 80’s and says, “ after I heard a Kool G. Rap record called “it’s a demo” I was totally inspired by what I heard because he sounded like nobody that was out at the time.” Scripture began to take emceeing more serious in 1991 when he teamed up with a group called “ the 7 Angels.” The group started doing local mixtapes and trying to create a buzz, but due to some differences of opinion in regards to the movement, the group fell apart and Scripture stopped emceeing.

In 1998 DJ Niko was to credit for getting Scripture in the mix of emceeing again and invited him to a Sunz of Man show . Scripture says at the time, Sunz of Man was his favorite Wu-Tang Clan group. At the show is where Scripture first met HellRazah and Prodigal Sunn. Scripture says, “ Hellrazah and I hit it off instantly and discussed things in the upcoming future. Throughout the years we were always in touch and kept a strong friendship outside of music. In 2013 Razah finally blessed me with the opportunity that I always waited for, a member of his Ghetto Govt.” Soon after Scripture joined Ghetto Govt, he was added to the official roster of Hell Razah Music, Inc. Artists Ghetto Govt Officialz.

“My music and what it means to me is very simple. It’s inspirational an very thoughtful. I refuse to recite anything that will not make the listener want to learn something. Even if a million people heard me an one soul was saved by what I said in a song I know that I am doing the right thing. I know that another will follow after that, creating a chain reaction of possible change.” – Suriel Scripture

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2000-Dj Kool Kid The Commisioner- track title: In the Line of Fire


2008-Dj Destiny’s Triple Disc Mixtape- track title: State of Emergency (freestyle)


Dj Gooch Cleaning out my Closet- track title : Street Muzik (freestyle)


Dj Gooch I Got the Internet Goin Nuttstrack title: For The Love of the Game


Dj Booby Blast Fight or Flight series: track title: We live in the Ghetto (freestyle)


2013- Hell Razah Presents Ghetto Government United Hoodz Of Amerikkka-track title: Truth

To Power


Hell Razah Presents Ghetto Government United Hoodz Of Amerikka Vol. 3- track title;

Godz Infantry (Ct., Chapter freestyle) & Desolate Slumz


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