How to tell if a person TRULY loves God by @queentheprophet


Greetings Fam!

I have missed blogging! Been very busy lately with the music & travel, but I think we’re all long over due for a QTP blog. I know that “religion” is a touchy subject for people and that’s why I don’t talk about religion. I actually don’t believe in “religion”. The word religion in my humble opinion is a trap. It fools the people of God into dividing themselves in to denominations where they then argue about things that don’t even matter. My question to all those religious people is, if you’re fighting each other… who’s fighting the devil? *cue the crickets*


Funny, people don’t like to acknowledge a devil and that’s fine, but how can you deny there is an evil in this world that is just not natural? Who consciously would walk into a school and shoot children? What kind of mother would harm her own children? What kind of father would touch his own child in an inappropriate manner? Mental Illness? Shut up. I have an extensive background in Social Services and a formal education. You can fool yourself into making up illnesses for evil all you want, but there are somethings that are EVIL. Now, don’t misinterpret this, the person is not evil. People are not born evil, they can learn and develop evil ways but the person (the soul inside) is not evil.  We call come into this world the same way and are impacted by environmental circumstances that shape, mold, and develop our character. I do not believe in calling a human being evil, if they don’t know any better. Someone should knowing better and actually knowing better are two different things. How could someone know better, if they were never shown better? Think about it. Everyone’s reality is different. Your reality is based on your personal perception of your life, your experiences, and your circumstances. Sure we share certain “norms” in common, but the truth of the matter is every single one of us is a unique character.


With that uniqueness though there is a fool proof way to tell if a person has the love of God in their heart. The answer is how they treat people. Period, point blank, end of story. Nobody is perfect Fam, not one of us. But the regular behavior of an individual towards other people on a consistent basis is a good indicator how connected to God they are. How do you tell fruit trees apart? If it’s an apple tree it has apples and if it’s a crab apple tree it has crab apples. Even in that, a crab apple tree doesn’t always have to be a crab apple tree. You can always plant a new tree and start over, but you must first make sure you take out all of the roots, no matter how deep they have grown, then plant a new tree. *light bulb moment*

love 2

There is a lot of bad ugly that goes on in this world. We may not be able to control everything, but we can certainly control ourselves. If a million people gave me a dollar, I’d have a million dollars. If you truly want to spread God’s love, judging people, kicking them out of church because they don’t wear the right clothes, or whacking them upside the head with the bible isn’t going to work. Incase you haven’t noticed, this world is DESPERATLEY in the need of love. If you want to show people that God loves them, then you love them. Let your conduct define your character.

Be blessed-



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Queen the Prophet is an entrepreneur active in both the professional aspect of the independent hip-hop music community as well as the human service /social service field. is the platform QTP ties both areas of her life together offering a faith-based and humorous approach to real-life sections of the blog, a professional and informative outlook to topics in the entertainment industry (including interviews, special features, and helpful tips) as well as interactive sections for blog readers to ask questions, community resources on specialized topics, and submit material for publishing

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