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Greetings Fam!

There is a lesson in life that we all must learn. Guard your heart. This doesn’t mean be paranoid, but there are some things that are just a reality. People can talk a good one, hell, they more then likley mean it when they say it while others say the right things, but there’s always a hidden agenda. Human beings are flawed and they always will be. Guarding your heart I have learned is as simple as understanding things that people do or say that hurt you? Nine times out of ten is about THEM and has little to do with you.

This wisdom I didn’t learn overnight and although I get paid to understand it on a career level, it doesn’t stop it from happening to me personally, but it does get easier to let go and move on. People are like onions. They have many layers. It is not until you start peeling back those layers that you find out all of the things that make up the entire person. Folks are messed up. They walk around with resentment, anger, jealousy, and all kinds of other stuff. It doesn’t make them bad people, but being on the other side of the table, recognize all of the things that make up a person and their perception. Everyone’s reality is different. People’s reality is made up of their personal thoughts, emotions, & experiences. Those things exsist in their soul and there is little you can ever do to change that, that’s between them and God. Until a person is truly willing to look in the mirror, things don’t change. Most people are so scared to examine themselves that instead of doing that, they rally a bunch of other folks just as messed up in their hearts as them and make themselves “feel” better about their actions.

In order to properly protect yourself, understand the whole culture of a person and don’t expect healthy emotion and reasoning from a person whose actions show you someone who is not. You will save yourself a lot of stress this way. I remember a time when I would turn things over and over in my mind and analyze until I couldn’t sleep. I no longer have this problem. Doesn’t mean I’m perfect, I just value my heart and peace of mind and I’m going to protect what God has given me with my life. “You can have “those” moments, but don’t stay in those moments. Those moments don’t define your life.” – Yolanda Adams

Be Blessed –


About Queen the Prophet

Queen the Prophet is an entrepreneur active in both the professional aspect of the independent hip-hop music community as well as the human service /social service field. is the platform QTP ties both areas of her life together offering a faith-based and humorous approach to real-life sections of the blog, a professional and informative outlook to topics in the entertainment industry (including interviews, special features, and helpful tips) as well as interactive sections for blog readers to ask questions, community resources on specialized topics, and submit material for publishing

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