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George Yung (Lord of the Kennel, King George, Gavzilla), New   Haven, CT

George Yung is one of the most consistent lyrical assassins you will find in underground hip-hop. Did I use the correct word? as·sas·sin , n.//

1. One who murders by surprise attack, especially one who carries out a plot to kill a prominent person.

Let’s go with yes.

Yung (DOBERMAN GANG, DBG, 427) is a 12-year vet and has been signed to multiple labels over the years. Yung Co-Owner of Doberman Gang / Kennel Club Music is not only a brilliant emcee, but he’s has his own clothing line (ICARUS) as well as graphic design company. Yung also has many skills in just about every area of video and studio production you can think of. There is not an emcee to-date that has outshined George Yung on a track. If you are a true fan of REAL hip-hop, you will love George Yung (and more then likley the rest of the DBG).

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INSTAGRAM: 427gavzilla

The video “Clarity” is the first in a 3-part series from his newest MXTP project “Death of George Yung” set for release 4/2013. Watch the exclusive leak of “CLARITY” then vote CRUNK IT or JUNK IT!






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