#Reationships101 : Being Single, Successfully

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#Relationships101 Being Single, Successfully. Part 1
There is such a thing as being successful at being single. It’s not talked about because not a lot of people have any idea how to do it. It took me a very, very long time to learn it. Upfront? It’s not easy and it pretty much flat out sucks in the beginning. If you can become good at being single, you’ll have better relationships. I promise.

I’m going to ask you to ask yourself one serious question, if you never spend anytime alone when is it exactly you actually get to know yourself?

Fam, the truth is unless you spend time by yourself, you will never fully get to know yourself. It’s like how you look back at a past relationship and think “what was I thinking!?” You had to be removed from the situation in order to see it clearly. NOBODY deserves to pay for a heart they didn’t break. All of us have made the mistake of jumping right back into something else without taking time out to heal from what we just came out of. In the long run? All it does is waste time and time is one of the things on this earth that money, no matter how much you have can ever buy you more of.

Two half people don’t make one whole person. The key to being successful in a relationship is learning first how to be successful being single. Learn how to take care of yourself, find things that you enjoy, figure out what kind of person you want, figure out what kind of person you don’t want. Stop settling for ANYBODY just to have SOMEBODY, you are wasting time you will NEVER get back. It is far better to be alone then unhappy. Relationships are WORK. It’s okay to take a break and discover yourself.

Here is a similar article written from a man’s perspective:
Benefits of being ALONE
Lets be honest, a lot of ppl Misunderstand the benefits of being alone! Being alone doesn’t mean the world is against you, love doesn’t want you, or GOD has forgotten you.. Really Every person has at least 30mins to an hour of “alone-time” each day.. But generally ppl claim that they never wanna be alone or lonely.. Whts wrong with being alone? In my opinion The benefits of being alone : is a time to really examine your life, your situation, your goal.. Having that time to really take a step back and find some kind of mental clarity over all the chaotic pressure destroying our world (such as peer pressure, bills, drugs & hypocritical governments) Alone time is a benefit to clear our minds from all this, a chance to relax & think.. It’s wht u do in that time that matters.. And as for ppl claiming they are always lonely or feeling lonely.. STOP!! Loneliness is a state of mind, it’s a mind set, no one is ever lonely, but ppl are so fictiacted on physical contact, they forget about the HIGHER power of spiritual fulfillment! Therefore tend to run into the clutches of any kind of acceptance! The world is full of demons, as well as angels, but making choices just cus your lonely doesn’t give u any truth or justification that the physical is accepting you! Turn your “loneliness” into positive “Alone-Time” & work on yourself! Besides I’ve come to realize that when ppl say that they are sick of being “lonely” or so so “lonely” they are really just horny!! Lol

Single is not a disease Fam. I mentioned in yesterday’s article that I was single for 2-years and then one day out of nowhere (I wasn’t looking) the most amazing friend & person fell into my lap. It happened because I finally made room in my life to receive that blessing. People spend many nights begging God to “send the one” but they don’t have any room for them in their life’s current state or they’re asking for the wrong reasons. A relational partner is supposed to be a COMPLIMENT to your existence, not the reason for your existence.
Be blessed.

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