Monthly Archives: December 2012


QTPORAt Battlegrownd ENT #OPERATIONREVOLUTION our vision is God 1st, Change the game, Spread the wealth. Through our music we intend to take back what belongs to the people and give it back. #HipHop was always associated with poor people getting rich. Then too many got rich and it was stolen. We are the rising generation reminding you that together, we can put it back in our own hands. By supporting each other’s INDIE projects, we take control back of how our money is spent. Instead of buying 1 industry album at $9.99, buy 1 single from 9 INDIE artists. If 100K people did that, and we repeated…. Large amounts of money would start funneling back down into familes in your own community. Poverty is contagious. So is wealth. In our world, it’s normal for one individual to own several $250K cars, but it only cost $2k to build a water well in Africa? We don’t have enough wealthy folks to fix the issues of the world? GREED IS UGLY. Who needs a billion dollars while people are freezing to death in parks? Children are starving everywhere in this world. What’s really good? Nobody thinks that’s stupid? Or do you not believe we can change it? I’m crazy enough to believe we can. Funny thing about crazy people though. The ones that are crazy enough to believe they can change the world, often do.