71544_1449903735205_1461575952_31122081_5924597_sI titled this because frankly, there’s nothing else to call it. You can relate or you can’t. I refer to that moment in your life where you pause yourself. You stand there inside yourself, outside yourself and everything looks like it’s in motion but you start to question it all. It’s at those moments our faith is truly tested. It is the moment you make a conscious decision to chose faith and have no idea what’s going to happen. You are afraid, but you have come so far you can’t turn back. You begin to push. You push past what you feel and leap into the unknown. Shortly after, you understand the purpose of the test because you elevate to another degree. Life or Death comes in the decisions and choices that we make. You lose nothing by choosing life and have everything to gain. We lose everything when we choose death, even ourselves. So why do we all do it? At least once we all have. For myself, I am completely imperfect. I mess up all the time. But I know who I am and I choose to walk in love. The world has seen enough pain and everyday I make an effort to not walk that path. Most days I screw it up. God still loves me. Soon as you understand that? You’ll find strength. That mad at the world mentality? Only leads us to destruction. What is it you’re so afraid to lose by choosing peace? #REALTALK

About Queen the Prophet

Queen the Prophet is an entrepreneur active in both the professional aspect of the independent hip-hop music community as well as the human service /social service field. Queentheprophet.com is the platform QTP ties both areas of her life together offering a faith-based and humorous approach to real-life sections of the blog, a professional and informative outlook to topics in the entertainment industry (including interviews, special features, and helpful tips) as well as interactive sections for blog readers to ask questions, community resources on specialized topics, and submit material for publishing

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