Ask #Siri What is July 27, 2014 #GGO #BKZU @sneakvandel releases MXTP


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I’m sure you heard (and if not it’s all over You Tube). Ask  the iPhone (updated with IOS7) “What is July 27, 2014?” some phones will respond “Opening the gates of Hades”.

Well then, if the gates of Hades are going to open, good thing GGO NJ General / BKZU Zu Bully Sneak Vandel will meet them with “The Seraphim at the Gates” MXTP.

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“Go to Siri and ask that trick what July 27th is. The answer is why I’m releasing this project on that date. This is Hell Razah Music baby! This is OUR year! WINGZ UP! Shout out to my brother @optimusic for the graphic. Beat produced by @sneakvandel #hellrazahmusicinc #brooklynzu #ghettogovtofficials#wutangclanforever #sneakvandel“- Sneak Vandel

This MXTP produced entirely by Sneak will have appearances by Hell Razah Music, Inc., Brooklyn Zu, Ghetto Govt, and others.

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